Cancer horoscope September 2017






Horoscope for September 2017 Cancer advises to perform all that he has done over the past summer months. It's time to take stock and make plans for the fall. In all spheres of life Cancer a balanced situation, that he likes more than vanity and obscurity. Of course, no small shakes in September 2017 no cost. But all this stuff that Cancer can fix. Note that you can count on in all situations have only for themselves.

Horoscope for September 2017 Cancer woman predicts a wonderful month, when you will finally be able to spoil yourself with shopping and fashionable to dress up. The financial situation has normalised, so feel free to organize a trip, buy gifts for loved ones and indulge in entertainment. Even if the Cancer will go on a business trip, then there is rest.

Horoscope for September 2017 Cancer man advises to be more confident in their abilities and capabilities. This applies not only to substantive work, but also a love sphere. There is nothing that you could thoroughly hurt. Especially if in September 2017 Cancer feels a strong shoulder and support from loved ones.

The child promises an interesting month, when parents are more to allow than to prohibit something. Your child is too vulnerable and sensitive, so be careful with the observations and cuffs. Otherwise, the kid with Cancer will get offended and digs in. In September 2017 it is possible to give the child to dance, the art Studio or the sports section. If he has the ability to learn foreign languages, then write it down in a special school. Teenage Cancer will need some pocket money, but not spoil them large sums of money.

Cancer needs to guard against depression and stress. They can occur on the background of constant family quarrels. Immunity decreases, the mood at zero, and the energy is only enough for small business. In September of Cancer will help to improve health: exercises for breathing. Relaxing treatments and a morning jog through the Park. Don't forget about contrast shower and a vitamin complex.

The Cancer woman should walk more, not drive a car and sit in front of a computer. If you follow the routine, sleep and nutrition, your health in September will be in order.

Horoscope for September 2017 Cancer man advises to restrain their activity, so as not to physically straining. Exercise will help tighten up the shape and acquire confidence.

Auspicious days in September– 3, 11, 15, 20, 25, 31 
Unfavorable days September 7, 14, 22

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