Virgo horoscope October 2017




Horoscope for October 2017 Virgo predicts a wonderful month, when you want for all brothers with a desire and enthusiasm. In my personal life is undergoing dramatic changes, which unmarried Virgo had long dreamed of. At any time of the day or night can seek the support of friends, and also to conclude lucrative contracts. In October 2017, you will have a greater susceptibility to negative.

Horoscope for October 2017 Virgo woman advised to take a course on a new case and possibly a different profession. If to all this, you will need education, moving and money, then you are ready. Virgo need to grab opportunities with both hands, because a second chance may not present itself again. Coquetry and flirtation will bring you only positive emotions. In late October, the Virgo will meet the man that wants to link the fate.

Horoscope for October 2017, the Virgo man promises confusion and difficulty in personal relationships. Money also encounter some problems, but to solve them will help relatives. The Virgo should not indulge in all serious, especially if he's a family man. Be sensible and careful, otherwise due to frivolous novel will lose all value.

The child promises attention from peers. With you everyone wants to make friends, so having overcome in itself shyness and unnecessary complexes. Parents need in October 2017 to approve the supplied by Virgo goal. If you wish your child not enough for you to like, then ask them their decisions and interesting Hobbies. It is not necessary to spoil the child the Virgo with toys and go on about his desires. Children of this sign are quite ambitious. If you say that someone is better to learn your daughter or son, a Virgo shall tend to the best.

Horoscope advises to restrain their excessive activity. Otherwise, you will undermine mental health and physical strength. If you are still young, do them at least daily. In another case, Virgo need to reduce the load on the body.

Women are Virgo in terms of health is not in danger. In order to become slimmer and to strengthen the spine, you need to go to the gym or to do fitness. In October the Virgo not abuse heavy food, but rather to lean on fruit.

Men Virgo have little to pacify their constant thirst for carnal pleasures. Otherwise, you just end up in the hospital with a nasty disease. Sports Virgo in Oct to do not forbidden, but not to fanaticism.

Auspicious days in October– 4, 10, 14, 22, 27, 30 
Unfavorable days of October 2, 17, 26

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