Taurus horoscope October 2017





Horoscope for October 2017 Taurus predicts a favourable month in terms of work and Finance. Both will be in abundance, so do not despair. Only waste money on empty of purchasing a Taurus should not be. Soon they will need for the trip and school children. In the team you will show yourself a leader, in October 2017 may create a conflict situation. Think, and don't you think you calmly deal with their own, even if routine, job.

Horoscope for October 2017 Taurus woman advises to subtract the ambition to reduce appetite. Otherwise, you will easily destroy what was created with such difficulty. This, incidentally, applies to family life. Time should not be wasted, because it will not return. In October 2017, Taurus will do its best offer the Western partners. Can agree and collect things for the move.

Horoscope for October 2017 Taurus man recommends not only to be aware of all the events, but also to take active part in them. At work you start up an affair with a woman who is older than you. Serious problems this Taurus in October 2017 is not threatened, but better to be careful. In financial matters, you are unlikely to come to a consensus with the relatives.

The child promises a time when you want to "poke our nose" into everything. Introduce him to the job, as well as remind about morning exercises. The health of the baby Taurus could undermine colds, so parents should insure and to take measures of prevention. The important thing to Taurus in October 2017, dressed for the weather. Didn't get too cold and do not eat ice cream on the street. Many will be engaged in singing, painting and even the study of archaeology. Teenagers for the first time will experience the feeling of love. Odobriti child's choice Taurus, and not impose their opinions.

If Taurus is prone to rheumatism, he needs to carefully monitor the health of the in October 2017. Go to the Solarium, breathe fresh air and not SuperCool. If you do not take preventive measures, in October will catch a cold. The calf should get a flu shot and take vitamin complex.

Horoscope for October 2017 Taurus woman is not advised to overwork, overeat, and worry about far-fetched problems. If you feel unwell, immediately contact doctor. Of products in October a Taurus you need to focus on seafood and celery.

Men Taurus in October 2017 should go to the gym to improve health and correct weight. Excellent physical form will attract to the Taurus even more attention of the opposite sex.

Auspicious days in October– 10, 19, 24, 27, 31 
Unfavorable days of October 7, 15, 22

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