Sagittarius horoscope November 2017





Sagittarius in November 2016 should brace up to overcome any obstacles in life. Establish new relationships with business partners, to give success in business. If Sagittarius is not going to neglect the little things, the big things will be done efficiently and quickly. November 2016 will bring a lot of surprises on the love front, and in the employment sector. Listen to more experienced and senior staff. They will help Sagittarius in November, in solving complex production problems. Horoscope for November 2016 Sagittarius encourages often relax with family and friends. Positive people will inspire you with positive energy that will come in handy this month. The financial situation leaves much to be desired, but do not despair. Sagittarius will receive money from the work performed in the past. Colleagues will be a minor hassle, but you will be able to find a compromise and come to a common opinion. In November 2016, Sagittarius is organizing a trip to other city or the country. Family members have long wanted to communicate with you on urgent domestic issues. To preserve the health and mental state, and Sagittarius should be less responsive to the surrounding circumstances.

In November 2016, the Sagittarius need more to relax, unwind and practice yoga. You become Jumpy and irritable, so focus on the condition of the nervous system. Health horoscope for November 2016 Sagittarius advises to temper the body and not to neglect prevention. Don't forget that November is a time of colds and infections.

Auspicious days - 4, 7, 15, 19, 23 and 26 
Unfavorable days - 1, 5, 12, 18, 24 and 30

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