Libra horoscope November 2017




Libra in November 2016 will be more focused on psychological issues than the working moments. You have to build relationships with those with whom communication has recently been tense. If the balance is not to dissemble and lie, you will be able to achieve great things. By the way, in November of 2016, maybe a betrayal by a loved one. Do not take everything too close to heart, because by the end of November the situation is normalized. To make difficult decisions is not desirable, because it is likely a huge mistake. It is possible that the secrets and former blunders Libra will be known to many people. Horoscope for November 2016 for Libra predicts acquaintance with the influential person. This person will help you not only financially, but also give a lot of good advice. But, the Libra do not rely only on intuition. Remember that trust must be earned, and man to his position. Be prepared for the fact that in November 2016, you will be asked to repay past debts. In material terms, the month will be difficult, but you will be able to overcome obstacles. Libra must be rational in purchases and pre-plan the future budget.

Health horoscope for November 2016 for Libra predicts the exacerbation of chronic diseases. Will be affected the vascular system and heart. In the case of illness, the Libra must immediately contact the doctor and not to self-medicate. In addition, follow the diet and rest. Light diet in November will improve the health of the balance.

Auspicious days - 3, 6, 9, 15, 20 and 30 
Unfavorable days - 8, 10, 12, 18, 21 and 25

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