Aquarius horoscope March 2017




Horoscope for March 2017 Aquarius predicts a difficult month when it will be difficult to handle past and new business. You will be hard to build relationships with people, and to preserve the harmony within. The fish in March will want to not go with the flow and against it, that is fraught with negative consequences. Drastic steps and rapid decisions in 2017 should not be accepted. Especially if it's a question of money and investment.

Horoscope for March 2017 Aquarius recommends to consider a business proposal, which at first glance seem interesting and profitable. In a professional sense the month of March is hectic. With colleagues and superiors may occur frequent clashes. The Aquarius should be control your emotions and not to meddle in disputes in 2017. Finances will increase day by day if you do the smart thing and invest it in a promising project.

Horoscope for March 2017 Aquarius is not advised to show yourself as a person ambitious and categorical. Be modest, as in desires and actions. At work may increase the Aquarius in the post and the award for the assignment. Just don't try in March "unseat" his boss.

 Children recommends to be careful and Aquarius to its external image. If you have your eye on something new and trendy, then ask the parent to update your wardrobe. Baby Aquarius in March of 2017 will enjoy respect and sympathy among peers, in school and University, and in the yard. The Aquarius should behave in a restrained and culturally, especially in dealing with adults – teachers, relatives and neighbors. Parents should not pamper their child in March 2017 with pocket money and expensive purchases without a special occasion

The horoscope More and more often drinking fresh juices that will help to strengthen the immune system and rejuvenate after a long winter. Fruits prefer oranges, lemons, kiwifruit and apples, are high in vitamin C. in order to health was strong, the Aquarius need to get outside more, to breathe fresh air and just sit at the river Bank. Namely, water treatment will be of benefit to you in March 2017.

Women Aquarius need to wear a bracelet or beads of amber that add strength and positive. In March, try to complete all the urgent things.

Men Aquarius in 2017, it is not advisable to ignore even the slightest symptoms of a cold. Heal thoroughly and visit the specialist doctor to to serious complications and do not undermine health for the whole year.

Auspicious days - 2, 3, 7, 13, 16, 21, 22, 25, 26, 27
Unfavorable days - 2, 8, 9, 14, 15, 28