Pisces horoscope July 2017






Horoscope for July 2017 Pisces predicts a month unstable, both emotionally and professionally. Many events will happen beyond your will, which becomes a bit annoying. The mood of the Pisces will rapidly change, and energy reserves inefficiently used. In July you should send all its forces to the feats of labor, the financial support of the family and search for jobs. The Pisces need to take all that floats in their hands!

Horoscope for July 2017 Pisces advises women to pay attention to their internal goals. Showing restraint in conversations and contacts, as well as modesty in desires, you will be able to lay a great Foundation for self-realization. In July, the Pisces need to meet positive people to zacharovas in their own views.

Horoscope for July 2017. Pisces men are advised to build relationship with a loved one. If you go on victims for the sake of the elect, then be prepared for the fact that he did not appreciate properly. In July the Pisces there is a tab of the main sources of income for the summer. In 2017, you need to plan less, and spontaneously to get what you want to buy.

Children are advised to learn to distinguish the bad from the good. Parents ' instructions will do him good. Little Pisces are too close to the heart perceive all that is happening around them. We need to help them to realize their creative abilities, regardless, of the comments and taunts. If in July 2017 Pisces to send to the camp, they will noticeably Mature and become more sociable. Students Pisces must even in the summer to comply with the order of the day. Parents need to eliminate your hard movies. Let more walks, engaged hobby is reading.

Horoscope advises to swim in the pool and do morning exercises. Then you will not complain of back pain. From food Pisces to prefer Pisces, cheese, vegetables, fruits and berries.

Women Pisces need to be examined in the clinic for tests and to check the thyroid gland. Most importantly, exclude from the diet of junk food, as well as stand on the struggle with bad habits. At the end of the month, Pisces will often complain of headaches.

Men Pisces need to think seriously about their health. If you go with friends to the gym, it will do you good. For hardening of the body Pisces in 2017 it is necessary to apply water treatments. Don't play online, but better in real life, engage in volleyball, football or tennis.

Auspicious days in July - 3, 7, 10, 16, 27, 31 
Unfavorable days Jul - 12, 18, 28

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