Sagittarius horoscope July 2017





Horoscope for July 2017 Sagittarius encourages to target a large amount of work. Your financial situation on the eve of the holiday is deplorable, therefore, earn and think about the trip. Demands from loved ones and bosses will be enough. Sagittarius in July, even confused, to whom and what you need to do in order not to fall into disgrace. Will participate in cultural activities and to engage in social issues.

Horoscope for July 2017 Sagittarius woman promises the small quarrels with colleagues. They will knock you out of the rut and forced to look for another job. Though, to jump to conclusions and solutions are not worth it. In late July of 2017, the situation at work will change, and Sagittarius, on the contrary, will feel like a Queen position. Grow professionally, to reach heights in your career.

Horoscope for July 2017 Sagittarius man predicts a lot of excitement and anxiety. Many of them are directly connected with love and financial problems. Sagittarius should remember that bad thoughts materialists. So if in July 2017 you will not drive out the negativity and panic, you will attract into your life trouble. All urgent cases in July a must-finish.

The child predicts a difficult month, when parents will sound not only praise, but of censure. The fact that the small Sagittarius becomes capricious and insistent in their desires. This, of course, worried mom and dad. In July 2017 the child will often suffer from the indecision and excessive shyness. 
It is advisable to give Sagittarius in the sports section, or interest group. Most importantly, to develop fortitude, courage and perseverance. In July need to monitor the health of the child, as well as learning to swim in the pond.

Horoscope predicts excellent health, but for the nervous system will have to observe. If you read the literature on psychology or a normal romance novel, it will dramatically calm down internally. Sagittarius in July often need to swim, to sunbathe and to draw positive energy from the nature.

Sagittarius woman in July need to walk, go on nature, and rejoice in the summer sun. Most importantly, do not sit at home and move! In 2017, Sagittarius needs to dance, play beach volleyball, do yoga and rollerblading.

The Sagittarius man in July 2017 should be more involved in intellectual rather than physical labor. Even games opt for a more relaxed and educational. Energy and forces Sagittarius arrives, if he wants it.

Auspicious days - 3, 9, 18, 22, 25, 29 
Unfavorable days - 6, 12, 28

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