Gemini horoscope July 2017




Horoscope for July 2017 Gemini predicts new friends, business partnerships and a change of scenery. Although, at the time you want to retire and retire. It is possible that the fatigue from the mad working rhythm, or series of events occurring in his personal life. Others in July 2017 will be fun and interesting to chat with the Gemini, who are always full of ideas and optimism.

Horoscope for July 2017 Gemini women promises little difficulties on the way to achieving goals. You will be so much to worry about that please "paws" of depression. The energy balance of the Gemini will be low in July, so many questions hang "in the air". At the end of the month will need to get out of a situation in which you have involved yourself and loved ones.

Horoscope for July 2017 Gemini men recommends that you review your surroundings. The only way you will know who is trusted and who and unreliable. In July, the Gemini need to urgently improve its financial situation. Deplorable it can not be called, but cash costs will be greater than the profit. Self-discipline – that's what you need to do to the Gemini.

Children predicts a difficult month, when parents are constantly to preach, to teach life and not to trust. Well, it's possible that you yourself have brought the situation to a critical point. Children the Gemini need to aspire to freedom, to independence, then from mom and dad in July 2017 will appear solid encouragement. The little Gemini will find a new hobby, and decide to learn English. With teenagers parents have to talk. By the way, don't spoil the Gemini money. You don't know exactly what "leave" their pocket money.

Horoscope advises to pay close attention to their physical condition. Possible, bites, traumas and injuries, if you are going to neglect the prevention measures and forget about caution. The Gemini in July should be more swim in the pond or pool, to go to the bath and, when the first disease symptoms, contact the doctor.

If the women Gemini are eating at all the wrong times and "throw" into the mouth everything, it just will not avoid problems with the stomach and excess Gemini. This month start the fight with bad habits that adversely affect health and emotional state.

Gemini men have a lot to communicate, travel and spend energy on working time. Therefore, sports exercise, running in the morning and swimming will do you good.

Auspicious days in July– 1, 11, 18, 21, 23, 31 
Unfavorable days of July 5, 15, 25

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