Capricorn horoscope january 2017






Horoscope for January 2017 Capricorn advises to be more practical and stronger spirit that would help to overcome not only small, but serious trouble. If by nature you are the organizer and the leader, show these qualities in full measure. Especially in the professional and financial sector. Collect new and relevant information in January, because he depends on her career Capricorn.
Horoscope for January 2017 Capricorn promises an unforgettable journey to the land of exotic and warm sea. May be petty quarrels and conflicts with colleagues and elderly relatives. But Capricorn would be wise enough not to bring the situation to a critical state.

In January you need to communicate more with positive people, not to tie a friendship and share secrets with everyone. Horoscope for January 2017 Capricorn advises to be careful during a conversation with a male brunette. This may be how your direct supervisor and close people. In terms of food Capricorn in January need to limit the consumption of starchy foods, sweet and oily, not to gain extra weight. But on protein-rich foods, on the contrary, focus – it will improve health and give energy in January 2017.

Baby Capricorn in January of 2017 will be so popular among his peers that he is to be surprised so popular. He was invited to participate in the celebrations of important events and concerts. The horoscope advises us to gain strength to withstand the frantic pace of life. Parents of children Capricorn need to do in January all the best to their child is rested and not overworked. Make sure that the child walked more, played with friends and found an interesting hobby. Importantly, little Capricorn is not sitting all day at a computer monitor.

Capricorn has a good health and a strong immune system, so in January 2017, they are unlikely to catch a cold. But this does not mean that you can drink cold drinks and to walk in the cold without a hat. Horoscope for January 2017 Capricorn advises not to neglect elementary precautions and prevention. Try at the beginning of the month to keep myself busy, nervous and worried for nothing. Capricorn be more likely to relax, unwind and forget about the surging problems. Women Capricorn need to properly and in the mode to eat. Special emphasis make protein-rich foods, fruits and vegetables. On your Desk there should be only a useful and quality products! If men Capricorn will cleanse the body of toxins, health problems, they do not appear.

Auspicious days in January - 9, 10, 14, 15, 18, 19, 23, 24, 27, 28
Unfavorable days - 4, 5, 12, 13, 25, 26