Scorpio horoscope january 2017



 Horoscope for January 2017 Scorpio promises a great time when you can manifest itself in all areas of life, and to attract interesting people. In January, your energy will be so violent that will affect everyone with whom you develop a romantic or business relationship in 2017. Only Scorpio you need to be focused and attentive, especially at home and on the road. Your side can "send" the worst slander and damage, but you deal with them, if not panic.

Horoscope for January 2017 for Scorpio predicts a memorable meeting with a longtime friend that will be remembered for a long time. Be optimistic, then all the difficulties will recede into the background. The Scorpio should be confident in January to find new employment and for the entire year to establish financial position. Horoscope for January 2017 Scorpio promises a lot of lucrative offers, moving to a new apartment and major acquisitions. Even a small portion of the risk will help you to attract on his side the luck and a substantial profit. Scorpio in January 2017, will demonstrate family and friends their culinary skills.

The child foretells a rich and interesting life. Free time almost never will, because you sign up to sports clubs, creative clubs and find new friends. Only the parents of the child of Scorpio often necessary to control their child, or he is so carried away by the street and socializing with peers that completely forget about studies. In January 2017 the little Scorpio can become secretive and withdrawn. Parents should find out the reasons for this unexpected behavior to help my daughter or son become more sociable and open.

A little trouble health for Scorpio in January will. Carefully listen to your body and do not ignore even the slightest symptoms of the disease. Horoscope for January 2017 Scorpio advises to do a run every morning, eat right and buy a subscription to the pool. Morning gymnastics, yoga and positive attitude will benefit your health in January. Women Scorpio need to pay attention to appearance and skin condition. Make a cleansing facial mask with the addition of St. John's wort, which will help to heal and respiratory system. Men Scorpio in January 2017, will be so strong and energetic that you won't even remember about bad health. Work out in the gym, swim, run and don't be afraid to overstrain the body. Health men Scorpio is not in danger.

Auspicious days in January - 4, 9, 10, 14, 15, 22, 23, 25, 31
Adverse days of January - 7, 8, 20, 27, 28