Aquarius horoscope february 2017



Horoscope for February 2017 Aquarius advises to safely implement your plans and wildest fantasies. You will succeed if you want it and attach a maximum effort. Moreover, with Aquarius in February, will follow the example of those who dream to be realized creatively. Expected long journey and unforgettable meetings with people. In 2017, Aquarius needs to decide what is important to him, and what should not be ignored.

Aquarius February will be entertained, fall in love and make their fate by their rules. You'll be admired by many, and praise and thanks for the help. Horoscope for February 2017, Aquarius promises a lot of pleasant acquaintances, romantic dates and declarations of love. You want to command, to lead and even to exercise power against the people.

Horoscope for February 2017 Aquarius recommends not to deviate from the plans, but not to go over the heads, achieving the goal. Try to follow the rules set by society, not you. In February 2017 the Aquarius can offer a completely new field of activity. About the lack of money should not worry, because a new hobby will help you to strengthen your financial position.

Child advises not to be too straightforward and telling friends what he thinks about them. Many children will seek to command their peers and to imitate adults, whose actions are not an example. In early February of 2017 in adolescents Aquarius can arise with the teachers, and conflicts with parents. Parents should seek the assistance of a child psychologist, in February the situation with a son or daughter Aquarius gets out of control. Don't forget to praise the child for doing good, instead of just scolding for disobedience.

The Aquarius will be almost good health. However, there are slight problems with the stomach and intestines, but they are quite fixable. If Aquarius normalizes the power, then everything will be fine. Horoscope advises to be careful with the intake of alcoholic beverages. Here is a possible poisoning and alcohol dependence. Aquarius you want to add to your diet of foods with iodine, iron and phosphorus. Women Aquarius will have to revise the schedule of work. If you work without interruption, that is exactly what will undermine their health. Overvoltage can be both physical and nervous character. Aquarius men need to undergo a medical examination. Especially if you have something really troubling in terms of health.

Auspicious days - 9, 14, 17, 21, 25, 26
Unfavorable days - 3, 8, 10, 15, 27, 31

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