Taurus horoscope February 2017



Horoscope for February 2017 Taurus predicts a lot of criticism and comments from friends and relatives. You will be hard to go through all this, but the situation sharply does not change. It is necessary not only time, but also flexibility from the Body. In February you should take a look at ourselves, to change your character and become softer towards people. In love Taurus in 2017, expect to see them.

Horoscope for February 2017 Taurus woman promises a good month, when many things will occur, as desired. You begin a relationship with a man that long ago you have sympathy. In February, Taurus will attract everyone with his charm and wit. Moreover, you have enough wisdom in 2017, one that does not deprive of attention and good compliments.

Horoscope for February 2017 Taurus man predicts a good month when in work and finances will all work out. Practicality and common sense would be for Taurus in February, the most important qualities. In 2017 you will socruithe love affair that is unlikely to turn into something concrete. But you will not regret on minute of time spent alone with your beloved.

The child promises to pressure from parents and teachers. Parents need to behave with dignity and restraint so that our daughter or son is Taurus I took with you. Taurus in February should ease the burden, both in school and in sports training. In 2017 perhaps the fascination that the child will help to define the profession. Teen Taurus can fall in with bad company, so parents should monitor his behavior and more likely to talk. Pay attention to the health of the little Taurus in February – a possible cold.

The horoscope recommends that you enroll in a yoga and often go on nature. The fresh air will give you strength, as well as strengthen mental health. Taurus need to be able to relax and forget at least for a while from all the February issues. Intellectual recreation, too, will go to benefit the Taurus in 2017. Read more, communicate with good people and stay positive.

Female Taurus in February need to eat less or she will be extremely disappointed at his own reflection in the mirror. Be careful with alcohol consumption and intimate Hobbies. Male Taurus in 2017 should be a clear timetable for work and rest. If you messed with the body, then you long to be treated and to run around the clinic.

Auspicious days in February– 1, 5, 6, 15, 16, 19, 22, 23, 27, 28
Adverse days of February 2017 – 3, 4, 10, 11, 17, 18, 21

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