Taurus horoscope August 2017 







Horoscope for August 2017 Taurus is not advised to embark on adventures, even if you ought to be earning a lot of money. Risk – a noble cause, but not in this case. Taurus want to drive, excitement and love Affairs that can lead to serious problems. If in August you do not come to a common opinion and not going internally, you will end up in complicated situation. In 2017, the Taurus need to be careful in everything that he undertakes, and who entrusts its secrets.

Horoscope for August 2017 Taurus woman can be a little risk when it comes to love. It is possible that you will achieve the location of the man who had not paid any attention to you. Taurus, by nature, resistant and stubborn, so these qualities will help him to reach incredible heights in career and business. In August 2017, you will finally be able to combine your material and spiritual desires.

Horoscope for August 2017 Taurus man needs more time and attention to family – spouse and children. If you are still alone, then look at those who you like. It is possible that in August, the Taurus will be opportunities to change the scope of activities. However, due to unfortunate accidents may collapse plans.

The child promises success among friends and peers. Toddler will become sociable and communicative, that will help him to make new friends and to freely Express their thoughts. Although it is possible that in August 2017, little Taurus will often be offended and retire. Parents need to figure out what the cause of this strange behavior. Look closely at the environment of the child of Taurus. It may have enemies and envious, which also hurts the child's psyche. Teen first Taurus fall in love, but soon disappointed in the choice.

If Taurus in August 2017 will not reduce physical exertion and neglects safety measures, it is pleasing to the reception to the trauma. Possible fractures, bruises and sprains. Often rest on the nature. Play volleyball and go to the gym. In order to cleanse the body of toxins, the Taurus is useful to eat melons and watermelons.

Horoscope Taurus woman advises to take care not only about the physical condition and appearance. Any change will do you good and will add to the mood. In the case of illness, immediately consult a doctor.

Men Taurus in August 2017 have a lot to do household and domestic problems. Experiences on this occasion will be a lot, so nerves are "on edge". Taurus needs to learn to relax and become less impulsive.

Auspicious days in August– 3, 7, 11, 15, 23, 31 
Adverse August 1, 14, 26

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