Pisces horoscope April 2017





Horoscope for April 2017 Pisces predicts changeable and unstable in all spheres of the month. If you rely on the inner voice, the less take hasty steps and errors. Logical approach professional Affairs will help the Pisces in April to achieve high results in career. Even if on your way to financial achievements will be difficulties, don't panic and keep everything under control.

Horoscope for April 2017 Pisces women are advised to be the Creator of your life and not constantly look back. Wisdom and rationality that cannot be swept aside under any circumstances. Money problems can occur, but the rapid earnings in April 2017, the Pisces should not count. Will work tirelessly, then we can talk about profits. Most importantly, don't forget to rest, both physical and moral. Otherwise, torment run to the doctors.

Horoscope for April 2017 Pisces men promises a great financial situation. However, you have to work "under duress", in the truest sense of the word. The bosses are loads of Pisces a huge amount of work, which will depend on the wages and bonuses in April 2017.

The children promises a pleasant month, when parents encounter a full understanding, and teachers will appreciate your effort in school or College. The baby Pisces will be to imitate adults, choose fashionable clothes and behave more seriously. Parents need without any irritation to answer all the questions your daughter or son in April 2017. Otherwise, it may be the conflict of "fathers and children". 
Small Pisces will "buy" the friendship of peers, Sadasiva them with sweets and toys. Explain to your child that friendship and materialism are two different things.

The horoscope recommends that to improve your eating habits and to add to the diet foods rich in calcium and silicon. Thanks to them, you will strengthen your skeletal system, blood vessels and joints. Drink more milk and yogurt to fill the body with clay. In order to put in order the nervous system of the Pisces is necessary to take baths with scented oils.

Women Pisces need to watch my figure, as well as limit the intake of fat, flour and salt. Vitamins, fruit juices and vegetable salads will help the Pisces to strengthen the immune system and overall health.

Men Pisces should be examined by a medical specialist. Especially if you have a chronic illness. Pisces should not self-medicate in order to avoid complications.

Auspicious days in April - 1, 6, 7, 15, 16, 20, 22, 23, 28
Adverse days of April - 1, 3, 5, 8, 15, 25