Gemini and Aquarius compatibility



Gemini Aquarius interested in living-minded curiosity and lack of prejudice. Most male Aquarius does not like "blinkered" people living stereotypes, and the townsfolk. Female twins easy-going and open to new things. She herself does not like the middle class and boredom. These two find common ground, and still be in the eyes of Gemini Aquarius ideal woman.

Physical intimacy is important for both small, but they will flirt till you drop. The twins need to focus not on the sex appeal, and flirting and love talk. Aquarius, like Gemini, the sign is not too temperamental in terms of physiology, both important senses. In this pair may be sparkling flirt and delivering both fun playful polunamёki, and you may receive a great romantic love, but sex will never be for them something decisive.

In no case do not press on Aquarius. He is more freedom-loving than the Twins. Gemini also value freedom, so a good understanding of Aquarius. He will surely appreciate the fact that she is not trying to control it and make a scene of jealousy.

Zodiac sign characteristics


They never get bored. They have a lot of different things and hobbies. But among all the different activities they do not lose each other. They are each other's best friends and most understanding interlocutors. This pair of good, even if it has no special love. They are like-minded, free to develop your character without the pressure of a partner, they are no quarrels on serious issues, but many skirmishes on the little things, and this gives life relationships. If they are still in love, it is a very strong romantic feelings with some idealization partner.

Twins in alliance with Aquarius learn to see beyond their noses, they develop imagination and intellectual courage. Aquarius does not give the Twins cave under the pressure of public opinion and become a housewife with a monotonous life. Aquarius egoist, he wants to benefit mankind, but not to notice the needs of families. Female Gemini does not require care, and she takes care of himself, and of his men. Together with its Aquarius rid of guilt and the burden of liabilities.

Gemini and Aquarius will be together through all the tests, but the cause of separation or quarrel will be a trifle. They often argue about everything: where to rest, with whom to communicate, how to farm, how to spend money. They are controversial and abstract themes, both like to discuss philosophical theories and works of art, and their views do not always coincide.