Gemini and Capricorn compatibility



Very favorable compatibility in love - 86%. Speaking about the compatibility of couples Gemini woman and Capricorn man it is useful to note that this union is one of the most favorable for women sign Gemini. This alliance partners will support each other in any difficult situation. They will complement each other.

For example, a woman Gemini will endow its strict and endowed with the experience of a young partner and a young soul, and he, in turn, their experience and judgment to help her gently drift. But in the absence of a joint desire to build happiness, these are complementary elements may cause differences in the pair.

Zodiac sign characteristics


In this case, one would be unable to support another, resulting in quarrels and disputes in the pair become more numerous and more frequent, and then the situation would be disastrous. The woman with the sign of the Zodiac Gemini - cheerful nature, always in a good mood and ready to have fun and make fun to be a little disappointed with the coldness and seriousness of his male partner of Capricorn.

Still, it will be very tempted by this woman, whose behavior is radically different from his. Man, whose zodiac sign Capricorn, will always try to keep his girlfriend beside him. But very soon he realizes that the woman Gemini does not intend to build any relationship in a pair without a certain amount of freedom.

But can a man Capricorn give her this? This question only he can answer, but no doubt it will be very hard to give her this independence, since he, being jealous and attached to it, will always fear that a woman can leave it or exchange for another. Therefore, the main stumbling block in this horoscope compatibility zodiac signs - Gemini woman and Capricorn man - will their different attitudes towards freedom. Someone will have to make concessions