Gemini and Sagittarius compatibility



A random adventure seduce Sagittarius a breeze. Even the most "advanced" and spiritual development of man of the sign does not give up the joys of life. Therefore, to seduce him literally easy: just look great, not to frighten the fact that you have to love him for life, and most take the first step. The main thing - do not delude easy victory: sex with Sagittarius is not an indication that you have won it and it's yours.

What is the principle male Sagittarius chooses a pair for a long relationship? He is looking for a woman who shares his passion, or at least does not prevent them. A Sagittarius is passionate about travel and explore the world. It could be real trip to exotic places of the planet, and virtual acquaintance with them on TV and reading philosophical, religious and mystical literature, which opens the door to "other worlds." Female twins restless and likes new. In that they find each other.

Zodiac sign characteristics


This active interesting people who have something to tell you. Both have a cheerful disposition and sense of humor, so companies like them. Male Sagittarius Gemini becomes a teacher, he is authoritative, she respects him. Therefore, it blooms, like any person whose actions are approved and admired. In addition, Gemini, Sagittarius and help in the social life - including her dating a lot of useful.

Due to the Sagittarius woman begins to selectively treat everything: it has less than a casual interest, inappropriate Me and wasted time. In addition, Gemini - not "money" sign, although able to manage money, and Sagittarius is always in the money, although it often - a terrible spender. Together they pair thriving financially. Thanks Sagittarius Gemini experience the joy of motherhood: they lay themselves birth of a child to adulthood, and Sagittarius loves children, and under the pressure of Twins agree.

Claims in this pair may be a man and a woman. Sagittarius in the nature of the Twins are not satisfied with superficiality. He - a man of principles. He will point to the absence of twins in her morals and solid moral rules. If the Twins by nature honest, it would hurt her.