Gemini and Scorpio compatibility



Scorpio man sees life as a struggle, from which comes out the winner. It does not have an open aggressiveness, his battle - it is rather a game of chess than fight in the ring. From time to time he gets tired of constant vigilance and experiences. The woman Gemini easy character, she goes through life with optimism and without fear of looking at the world. Communication with her Scorpio gives respite and fueled his optimism. Funny character, wit and placability Twins - these are traits of her character, from which Scorpio will be delighted.

In addition, Scorpio, as well as any man wants to achieve highly appreciated by other people. Female Gemini smart. It is able to evaluate all the nuances of behavior Scorpio and pay tribute to his insight and strength. It Gemini Scorpio can show off their victories, and Gemini will understand it.

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But sexuality as a weapon Gemini better not to apply. Yeah, man, passionate Scorpio and stretches to the same women. Gemini temperament weaker and Scorpio may be disappointed. It is better to rely on flirting, flirting and words of love - in this Gemini has no equal.

Surrounding see this pair hierarchical, with a man at the helm. Female twins respects him, recognizes his power and does not argue with him. But Scorpio is no pressure on it. This is one of the few characters to which he can not influence their manipulation - and how you can put pressure on the person who goes through life easily and is ready at any moment to go forward, left arm behind your back? In an ideal pair of woman does not lose its identity, and therefore man is afraid of "too far."

Instead of manipulation and psychological pressure Scorpio wins the respect of his beloved. For this, he is committed to career goals and really noticeable power. In the end, wins not only his woman, but he did. Female twins in this pair is more wise and discreet. It replaces crony communication with people perceived distance, and it helps her well in other areas of life. Twins are often supported Scorpio not only in his personal life, but also in business.

Female twins cold and rational. Scorpio did not immediately notice that it is less fervent and passionate than he. But it is precisely this discrepancy temperaments leads to frequent problems in the pair. A man grieves coldness Gemini, it seems that it is everything (and him as well) is superficial, not putting the soul. Woman too hard: a man begins to provoke her to quarrel, to pull out of her emotional reaction.