Gemini and Libra compatibility



Male Libra appreciates light relationship. Not in the sense that they should be free and allow partners to treason, and that they should bring joy and not to create problems. Libra - very faithful man, but the tediousness and talk about "family Bose" to be together "pull", will make it evaporate in a woman's life in a matter of minutes. Sociable, mobile optimist-Gemini - this is what you need for a Libra happiness. Therefore, it is sure to fascinate him as soon as he finds it closer. In dealing with Libra need to be myself, this is the man who will be able to fully appreciate the nature of Gemini. He likes her ability to live easily, do not dwell on the unpleasant and not to turn life into a series of challenges that must be overcome.

It is important to take care of the exterior. Libra man esthete, and he likes everything beautiful, and the Twins just belong to their preferred type of women. If it does not run itself, does not appear before him slovenly, and will follow in order to look good, nature will do the rest - Libra women are drawn to this type and strain, creating unusual for the nature of the image, the twins do not have to.

Zodiac sign characteristics


They have a harmonious relationship and mutual understanding. Their goal - to love each other and get to know the world. They rarely aim to accumulate wealth. Their interests lie in the intellectual plane. This two birds who do not want to become attached to the ground. They travel a lot, they have lots of friends, they are happy to learn new things. Their marriage is no boredom, but there is no constant bustle - they already know that the world is very diverse, and bathe in this diversity, not choking.

Woman in perfect pair gets a goal. Before meeting with weights for any information it has equal value. With weights she learns to allocate liked, she develops a taste and strength of character. Thanks man Gemini becomes bolder and emancipation. Both are happy with the fact that their life is full of diversity, but they do not live from crisis to crisis.

Between Gemini and Libra have a permanent sexual attraction, and they do not get tired to flirt with each other.

Sometimes you can find the failed pair of Gemini and Libra. These are people whose life parallels the life partner, not interfering with it at any point. Twins are busy with their chores, Libra - his. Keeps them near a habit, and often they do not understand that couples, in fact, no more. What has gone out of the relationship? Love is gone.

Not love each other Scales and Twins are great friends, they do not conflict and easy to forgive your partner misses. In the merit of their lightweight nature. But the couple did not hold. As a result, smart, beautiful woman Gemini and create a happy partnership Libra man holding on to "nothing" and spend a few years of his life.