Gemini and Virgo compatibility



Male Virgo always something concerned. Sometimes it seems that he is afraid of something, and it's true: he is afraid of change and uncertainty, confusion and aggression. So he prefers to live in his small little world, consisting of his house, a few friends and hobbies. Female twins are not afraid of anything of those things that scare the Virgin. She is sociable and curious, not hypochondriac and easily applies to victory and defeat. His outlook on life easy, it gives hope to the Virgin. He himself becomes more optimistic. Therefore, an easy and gentle nature of Gemini - one of the reliable means for the conquest of the Virgin.

Additionally, Virgo loves to talk. He criticizes, quips, meticulously analyzes and often can not find an equal interlocutor. An intellectual-witty Gemini suits him perfectly.

Others think that Gemini and Virgo read each other's thoughts. They are ironic, "on the wave" and the like intellectual company. Therefore, they are not always welcomed with joy: they do not think twice before hone wits on someone from the audience. But by their very comfortable with each other.

Zodiac sign characteristics


In any pair of Gemini and Virgo are not too many passions, but in a perfect - enough admiration of each other. Both of these signs are very intelligent and admired the way partner, having the same capabilities (intelligence, erudition, wit), uses them quite differently. Virgo likes light and bold character of Gemini. Twins give due diligence and thrift of the Virgin. Virgo Gemini helps organize everyday life, and Gemini Virgo added courage and optimism.

Even if out of a pair of love between them remains the friendship and mutual understanding.

Male Virgo is very careful and nerds. Cheerful and open female twins can get bored of his constant criticism and attacks, and he criticizes all that different from his way of life. Twins can crumble accusations that it is - a bad hostess, and its openness it harms the couple puts Virgin in risky situations, keep away too many outsiders. Virgo will try to keep the Twins next to him and cut their communication with others.