Gemini and Leo compatibility



Man-Lion loves to look good in the eyes of other people. He loves to arrange visits and make beautiful surprises. But not disinterested - in return he expects, that woman will certainly recognize it the most, the best and will not stop, they admire. Who will pick up as many synonyms for the word "magnificent" and will be able to say them quite frankly, not as a female twins? Speak with Leo, and talk about it. Remember the story of life, where you can emphasize the superiority of Leo the heroes of history. Spend historical parallels, comparing it with outstanding personalities of the past. Be generous with praise.

In addition, Leo partial to female beauty. Female Gemini has an amazing gift always be different, change the image, surprising new way. This talent, together with the natural appearance of Gemini, which is very like the Lions, will win the elect.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Gemini and Leo shine in any company. They support each other, make brighter the best features of each. Gemini is sociable and witty, but it is somewhat lost on the background of the royal lion. A lion near the female twins truly regal: he won the best woman in the world.

Inside the couple constantly seething emotions. And Leo does not like scandals and clarify the relationship, and the Twins can not hold them. Emotions pair very positive. Sometimes Leo his companion of life seems too cold, he would like to see it more passion. But optimistic, affectionate and easy character, ability to flirt and flirt it often compensates for the lack of temperament.

Thanks to Leo the couple always have money. Leo loves rich house and a well-established way of life. Gemini more frivolous, but in financial matters are heard Leo. Therefore, they are eventually satisfied life wealthier than would have done it alone.