Gemini and Cancer compatibility



Female twins can conquer cancer for the first day of our acquaintance. She speaks so quickly, thinks and does, she has so many interesting ideas, it is so unusual that her cancer will go before the time to figure out what's going on. But such a quick victory should not deceive Twins: sooner or later Cancer eyes will be opened, and he may decide that it forced him unnecessary relationships. Well, if by that time had become a Gemini Cancer useful, so that counting the pros and cons of partnership, Cancer realized that it is more profitable to leave everything as is.

But to the crisis in the relationship did not happen at all, Gemini is better to choose a long way to conquer cancer. He needs time to adjust and begin to trust. Fortunately, the Twins have many interests, and she would not rush things - it is something to distract. Just do not show Cancer that he is not the first place in the list of interests.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Often people perfectly understand each other, little to achieve - they are already happy with what we have each other. Gemini and Cancer their dissimilarity of characters must be compensated. They understand that if a couple does not share a common life, business, children, or even a purpose, she quickly disintegrate. Therefore, both are trying to make sure that they were profitable to stay together. So that the pair reaches excellent results in material terms: they usually rich house, brought up children, who paid a lot of attention, a successful business and so much more.

On the basis of the level of feelings perfect pair of Gemini and Cancer is trust. They trust each other more than anyone else was still feel the support of each other, valued partner for the fact that it complements them. Cancer pleased that Gemini takes over communication with the outside world. Twins like that Cancer is more economic than herself.

Cancer is often offended by the Twins because it is too much time engaged in things that are not related to cancer. He is jealous of the work, friends and many interests. Male Cancer expects from the woman he loved the fact that it still focuses on relationships and the organization of everyday life. But female twins would not do it. She will not spend all your time on everyday life, and to communicate to her only a little lover - her wide circle of acquaintances.