Gemini and Gemini compatibility



Woman Gemini Gemini man - although it would be to call them boys and girls, whatever their actual age - sometimes come together for the sole reason that great when there is someone who runs across the street next to you! If this man Gemini, you can bet on, could you slip it on the green or red would catch you. This is dangerous, but exciting ...

Street corner or living room, office or classroom - all it looks like a cell chess board where people sign Gemini run their games with themselves and with each other. When you have a long one, so you can just head and share! Twins do not seem lonely, but it is.

Zodiac sign characteristics


However, they rarely reveal their loneliness, and I would not be surprised if they do not know about it. A person may be quite well alone, you only need to practice. It's like riding a bike. After some time you will not notice how to maintain balance and push on the pedals, you are aware of only the movement of the wind in your hair.

When the typical female and male Gemini Twins meet for the first time, both have a lot to talk, if they do not think about each other seriously. Yet in this chatter each of them more serious than it seems. It just gives them time to explore each other. But they never open anything that they have in mind; Gemini woman and Gemini man-even when they love each other for many years, something always leave with him.