Gemini and Aries compatibility



Gemini and Aries sociable, intelligent and love to have fun, so they are happy to meet with any company. There are, of course, silent Gemini, Aries and quiet, but even people introverts these signs do not look like they shut themselves off from society and focus only on each other. On the contrary, they actively participate in all activities and often by their initiators. If planned holiday in the company picnic or any tour - this couple certainly has been very active.

They are open to the world, but do not forget about each other. Aries man all his life catches up with female twins, but she escapes him. But she does not want to run away from it all and far! After Aries gives her as much heat as any other man. Through an alliance with Aries Gemini becomes an emotional and energetic, they feel secure. And Aries gets what he always wanted - a woman with whom you never get bored. Aries can sometimes laugh at scattered and not as purposeful as he, female twins, but is ready to protect her and take care of her.

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Aries and Gemini, just like any other couple can somewhat disagree with each other. This in itself is not terrible, but Aries and Gemini are prone to hasty conclusions. They often do not give the other person to speak to the end or decide themselves before him "half" had time to think and express their opinions. Because of this, both the impression that your partner does not respect him, acting on its own and does not take his opinion. A resent these signs as quickly as do the rest. Therefore, most often the problem of Gemini and Aries is hidden in their individualism, hasty and thoughtless, and because of this wrong, the conclusions about each other.