Gemini and Pisces compatibility



The woman Gemini is not much money to bewitch Pisces. Most often, these pairs are formed due to some mutual benefits, joint plans for the future, in collusion parents (where this tradition has been preserved). If the twins met with Pisces and set a goal to win them, they will help cheerful optimistic nature. The man-Pisces constantly pushes society, he feels like a failure. Gemini is easy to relate to the fact that the fish do not go beyond dreams. They do not make a tragedy out of the fact that Pisces again something failed. Fish near the Twins cease to feel guilty for something that does not participate in the race for social status. They feel that they are interested in themselves, rather than their achievements.

Besides the woman Gemini is its appearance. Fish are not indifferent to beauty. Gemini stars bestowed upon appeal and charm. If such wonderful potential Twins before meetings with Pisces and more will make sure to present its advantages as well as possible, Pisces will not stand.

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Gemini and Aquarius compatibility



Gemini Aquarius interested in living-minded curiosity and lack of prejudice. Most male Aquarius does not like "blinkered" people living stereotypes, and the townsfolk. Female twins easy-going and open to new things. She herself does not like the middle class and boredom. These two find common ground, and still be in the eyes of Gemini Aquarius ideal woman.

Physical intimacy is important for both small, but they will flirt till you drop. The twins need to focus not on the sex appeal, and flirting and love talk. Aquarius, like Gemini, the sign is not too temperamental in terms of physiology, both important senses. In this pair may be sparkling flirt and delivering both fun playful polunamёki, and you may receive a great romantic love, but sex will never be for them something decisive.

In no case do not press on Aquarius. He is more freedom-loving than the Twins. Gemini also value freedom, so a good understanding of Aquarius. He will surely appreciate the fact that she is not trying to control it and make a scene of jealousy.

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Gemini and Capricorn compatibility



Very favorable compatibility in love - 86%. Speaking about the compatibility of couples Gemini woman and Capricorn man it is useful to note that this union is one of the most favorable for women sign Gemini. This alliance partners will support each other in any difficult situation. They will complement each other.

For example, a woman Gemini will endow its strict and endowed with the experience of a young partner and a young soul, and he, in turn, their experience and judgment to help her gently drift. But in the absence of a joint desire to build happiness, these are complementary elements may cause differences in the pair.

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Gemini and Sagittarius compatibility



A random adventure seduce Sagittarius a breeze. Even the most "advanced" and spiritual development of man of the sign does not give up the joys of life. Therefore, to seduce him literally easy: just look great, not to frighten the fact that you have to love him for life, and most take the first step. The main thing - do not delude easy victory: sex with Sagittarius is not an indication that you have won it and it's yours.

What is the principle male Sagittarius chooses a pair for a long relationship? He is looking for a woman who shares his passion, or at least does not prevent them. A Sagittarius is passionate about travel and explore the world. It could be real trip to exotic places of the planet, and virtual acquaintance with them on TV and reading philosophical, religious and mystical literature, which opens the door to "other worlds." Female twins restless and likes new. In that they find each other.

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Gemini and Scorpio compatibility



Scorpio man sees life as a struggle, from which comes out the winner. It does not have an open aggressiveness, his battle - it is rather a game of chess than fight in the ring. From time to time he gets tired of constant vigilance and experiences. The woman Gemini easy character, she goes through life with optimism and without fear of looking at the world. Communication with her Scorpio gives respite and fueled his optimism. Funny character, wit and placability Twins - these are traits of her character, from which Scorpio will be delighted.

In addition, Scorpio, as well as any man wants to achieve highly appreciated by other people. Female Gemini smart. It is able to evaluate all the nuances of behavior Scorpio and pay tribute to his insight and strength. It Gemini Scorpio can show off their victories, and Gemini will understand it.

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Gemini and Libra compatibility



Male Libra appreciates light relationship. Not in the sense that they should be free and allow partners to treason, and that they should bring joy and not to create problems. Libra - very faithful man, but the tediousness and talk about "family Bose" to be together "pull", will make it evaporate in a woman's life in a matter of minutes. Sociable, mobile optimist-Gemini - this is what you need for a Libra happiness. Therefore, it is sure to fascinate him as soon as he finds it closer. In dealing with Libra need to be myself, this is the man who will be able to fully appreciate the nature of Gemini. He likes her ability to live easily, do not dwell on the unpleasant and not to turn life into a series of challenges that must be overcome.

It is important to take care of the exterior. Libra man esthete, and he likes everything beautiful, and the Twins just belong to their preferred type of women. If it does not run itself, does not appear before him slovenly, and will follow in order to look good, nature will do the rest - Libra women are drawn to this type and strain, creating unusual for the nature of the image, the twins do not have to.

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Gemini and Virgo compatibility



Male Virgo always something concerned. Sometimes it seems that he is afraid of something, and it's true: he is afraid of change and uncertainty, confusion and aggression. So he prefers to live in his small little world, consisting of his house, a few friends and hobbies. Female twins are not afraid of anything of those things that scare the Virgin. She is sociable and curious, not hypochondriac and easily applies to victory and defeat. His outlook on life easy, it gives hope to the Virgin. He himself becomes more optimistic. Therefore, an easy and gentle nature of Gemini - one of the reliable means for the conquest of the Virgin.

Additionally, Virgo loves to talk. He criticizes, quips, meticulously analyzes and often can not find an equal interlocutor. An intellectual-witty Gemini suits him perfectly.

Others think that Gemini and Virgo read each other's thoughts. They are ironic, "on the wave" and the like intellectual company. Therefore, they are not always welcomed with joy: they do not think twice before hone wits on someone from the audience. But by their very comfortable with each other.

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Gemini and Leo compatibility



Man-Lion loves to look good in the eyes of other people. He loves to arrange visits and make beautiful surprises. But not disinterested - in return he expects, that woman will certainly recognize it the most, the best and will not stop, they admire. Who will pick up as many synonyms for the word "magnificent" and will be able to say them quite frankly, not as a female twins? Speak with Leo, and talk about it. Remember the story of life, where you can emphasize the superiority of Leo the heroes of history. Spend historical parallels, comparing it with outstanding personalities of the past. Be generous with praise.

In addition, Leo partial to female beauty. Female Gemini has an amazing gift always be different, change the image, surprising new way. This talent, together with the natural appearance of Gemini, which is very like the Lions, will win the elect.

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Gemini and Cancer compatibility



Female twins can conquer cancer for the first day of our acquaintance. She speaks so quickly, thinks and does, she has so many interesting ideas, it is so unusual that her cancer will go before the time to figure out what's going on. But such a quick victory should not deceive Twins: sooner or later Cancer eyes will be opened, and he may decide that it forced him unnecessary relationships. Well, if by that time had become a Gemini Cancer useful, so that counting the pros and cons of partnership, Cancer realized that it is more profitable to leave everything as is.

But to the crisis in the relationship did not happen at all, Gemini is better to choose a long way to conquer cancer. He needs time to adjust and begin to trust. Fortunately, the Twins have many interests, and she would not rush things - it is something to distract. Just do not show Cancer that he is not the first place in the list of interests.

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Gemini and Gemini compatibility



Woman Gemini Gemini man - although it would be to call them boys and girls, whatever their actual age - sometimes come together for the sole reason that great when there is someone who runs across the street next to you! If this man Gemini, you can bet on, could you slip it on the green or red would catch you. This is dangerous, but exciting ...

Street corner or living room, office or classroom - all it looks like a cell chess board where people sign Gemini run their games with themselves and with each other. When you have a long one, so you can just head and share! Twins do not seem lonely, but it is.

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Gemini and Taurus compatibility



Taurus like quickness and agility of Gemini and her erudition. Even if the woman is not practical, Gemini, Taurus sees something beautiful, what benefits can be derived from its ties and knowledge. She always tells something unknown Taurus, and he is able to practically use this information. So in the interest of Taurus has a certain calculation: he realizes that next to the Twins will achieve more than alone.

A lightness and liveliness of nature at first delights of Taurus, it pulls to a woman, it is completely the opposite. Over time, such a difference in temperament and approach to life can be a challenge, but at first fascinated Taurus versatile and mobile female twins.

He did not remain indifferent to her appearance. Taurus sometimes puzzled that such a bright and intelligent woman found in it, and the relationship with her nice raise his self-esteem.

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Gemini and Aries compatibility



Gemini and Aries sociable, intelligent and love to have fun, so they are happy to meet with any company. There are, of course, silent Gemini, Aries and quiet, but even people introverts these signs do not look like they shut themselves off from society and focus only on each other. On the contrary, they actively participate in all activities and often by their initiators. If planned holiday in the company picnic or any tour - this couple certainly has been very active.

They are open to the world, but do not forget about each other. Aries man all his life catches up with female twins, but she escapes him. But she does not want to run away from it all and far! After Aries gives her as much heat as any other man. Through an alliance with Aries Gemini becomes an emotional and energetic, they feel secure. And Aries gets what he always wanted - a woman with whom you never get bored. Aries can sometimes laugh at scattered and not as purposeful as he, female twins, but is ready to protect her and take care of her.

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