February  29  horoscope



What zodiac sign born on February 29?
Pisces - zodiac sign born February 29 gives his players a pleasant charisma, it has to charm, tact, courtesy and diplomacy. Charm attracts him a lot of people, many of whom have become friends born on February 29. They get along very well with all kinds of people, are able to find all approach, which greatly contribute to the polite manners.
However themselves born February 29 often feel less optimistic than they really are, and they do not always understand correctly. Sometimes, they are also considered too careless, but this is misleading. Born on February 29 have serious ambitions, not afraid to manipulate other people, are able to convince the correctness and willing to use their gifts to influence the crowd.
Diseases born February 29

Zodiac sign characteristics


These people are by nature endowed with good health. They run the risk of spoiling it for his passion for fashion questionable diets and experiments. They should be more restrained in health and or consult a good doctor, or use only tried and tested means.
They are useful to engage in cooking, in which they will be able to quickly realize their ambitions, but by standing control your diet and not overeat. To the nervous system does not let you down, do not forget about the regular holiday. Try not to sleep too long during the day, not to earn insomnia at night. Participation in sports could not be more suitable for these people. They also recommended fitness and dance.
Born on this rare and happens only once every 4 years day usually carries. They are healthy, good-looking, applying to it a minimum of effort, they are lucky, the failure passes them by. Although a zodiac sign on February 29 they occasionally make strange and eccentric behavior, which all normally expect from Aquarius, but not from Pisces. However, any tricks they are forgiven, or because of their luck, or because of their charm.
In general, these people are born unusual and somewhat strange, as they realize very early. They always remain young at heart, as if trying to do four times slower, sometimes it's nice to complement their charisma, and sometimes it makes them infantile and dependent people.
Jobs and careers of those born on February 29
Born February 29, do not like much to stand out from the crowd, so hide their difference from others, pretending to ordinary people. Born February 29 Pisces gives them unwise imagination and fantasy, but they only show family and friends, at work, trying to behave as usual pragmatic people alien to mysticism and hobbies otherworldly. However, these people need to remember that they should not deny himself and his own nature too strongly, otherwise fortune will turn away from them.
But their behavior can be adjusted and towards public expectations and decent behavior in society. Shocking - not always your friend. The main thing to observe all sense of proportion and not to attempt what no matter what drive themselves into the framework of normality. Otherwise, instead important for fish (Pisces is the answer to the question of the date of February 29 - a sign of the zodiac), spiritual development and self-improvement you suppress and destroy their nature, bringing become unhappy person and will not be able to realize.
Advice for those born on February 29
Born February 29, trying to somehow compensate for their shortcomings, imaginary and real. Sometimes on the way they can get carried away too self-aggrandizement and earn "Napoleon complex". The other pole - an escape from the harsh realities of a fantasy world, a bias idealism. And then, and another - the extremes born February 29 to avoid them, mindful of the sense of proportion, and keep to the middle.

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