February  28  horoscope



What zodiac sign born on February 28?
Despite the fact that the date of February 28 Pisces zodiac sign matches, soft and passive in nature, these people, however, are natural leaders. It is to them for help in critical moments of turning the other. Of course, the zodiac sign born February 28 leaves its imprint on their character, giving them a kind of reverie and isolation from the real world, but these people never bury their heads in the sand in front of the problems or difficult situations.
They are actively struggling with difficulties, trying to overcome the negative and do not give up. Born on February 28 have the gift of empathy, that is someone else's feelings moods and emotions that immediately pushes us to think what zodiac sign February 28th. Almost all fish - empathy in varying degrees. Therefore, they always keenly feel the needs of the community and are at the peak of new trends. They just feel it mysteriously, possibly because of a common information field people.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Diseases born February 28
With regard to health born Feb. 28, they rarely pay attention to your body. This approach, of course, incorrect because eventually can lead to a large number of chronic diseases. Lymphatic and cardio-vascular system of these people are particularly vulnerable.
They are extremely useful preventive examinations and discussions about health even with friends. In the end, even if such conversations will turn their attention to the frail physical world and their physical shell. In old age, they have a very high chance of occurrence of varicose veins. As for physical activity, they recommended to combine yoga and swimming. Born on February 28 by nature - natural born cooks, they also love to eat. Special diets can not stick to them, their metabolism and instincts help them avoid problems in this area.
Jobs and careers of those born on February 28
Born February 28 people are full of energy, they are active and adventurous, happy to take up a lot of cases and projects engaged in all at once, sometimes even irritate surrounding its activity and boundless energy. They love life and they are interested in everything.
In any group, they are simply irreplaceable, is the energy center, also more often and strategies. But this energy in addition to the advantages associated with some disadvantages. So, born February 28 rarely sit and think for a long time on the problem, they prefer to immediately engage in proactive, forward raging inside energy outward. Prudence and caution them too often lacking.
They often change their hobbies, their future is therefore usually vague. Today, they are attracted to one and another tomorrow, the day after the third, and every day they have a new plan for their lives after a year or two or five. Therefore, they are often disappointed in what they do.
Advice for those born on February 28
Another problem stems from the fact that born February 28 often force their relatives and friends in earnest to worry about them. In this case, it happens, they do it consciously, to call attention to yourself. They may engage in questionable activities adventurous, almost breaking the law.
But the danger of allowing them to acutely feel the pleasure of life. However, they need a more responsible approach to the selection of a permanent occupation, it is desirable to choose activities that are not associated with the constant risk. The life of these people already crowded enough rough and different events. Their experience is very different from that of most people. Hindrance to self-development can become excessive levity or carelessness.
Born February 28, people need to work hard to make their respective expertise moved from the quantitative stage to the qualitative becoming wisdom. They are useful to engage in theoretical study of their own values and their own world, or his own philosophical system. Date February 28 - which corresponds to the sign of the zodiac, we recall, is Pisces, and Pisces is especially important for their spiritual development. Born February 28 need to learn to take life seriously, less rush to extremes, find a constant thing throughout his life.

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