February  23  horoscope



What zodiac sign born on February 23?
Pisces - zodiac sign born February 23, it gives these people a rare sensitivity and subtlety, and the number 23 gives these people a certain rationality and pragmatism. Are you interested in mysticism and all otherworldly, but your attitude is present bit of skepticism.
You - a great orator and a wonderful, attentive listener. Born February 23 - a very creative nature, endowed with the gift of acting, musical, artistic and plastic talents. Of you get a great art or, for example, a philanthropist.
Diseases born February 23
Born on February 23 too much work, like real workaholics, and therefore often suffer from overexertion. They need to competently alternate periods of work and leisure. Is very important for these people to a deep, deep sleep, so they should pay particular attention to design your bedroom.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Undergoing a course of relaxing and therapeutic massage, as you are very sensitive to this kind of impact. Like many fish, born on February 23 are skilled chefs whose talent allows them to put bold experiments in food and invent more and more new flavor combinations and dishes. But they should beware of overeating, limited in their diet fat. As for charging, the born February 23 recommended mild load.
Jobs and careers of those born on February 23
Born on February 23 can actively push not only their ideas, but also themselves. Thanks to this energetic they are usually quite quick to find a job, do not hesitate to offer themselves to take the initiative and actively prove its advantage over other candidates. Strange property, if you remember, what zodiac sign on 23 February. Fish still is not peculiar to such activity in matters relating to work and career.
Perhaps this is due to the quality of rationality magical properties of the number 23. After settling on their chosen job, these people are rapidly expanding their professional duties, moving up the career ladder. The approval of others, and colleagues for their extremely important that more than peculiar Pisces: February 23 date zodiac sign corresponds to this. Something or advise these people say, only if absolutely sure they are right, this is also manifested their rationality.
Most often, born February 23 - realists with a bias in pessimism, which is understandable if we recall February 23 - a sign of the zodiac. They should try to seek out smaller errors in someone else's work and less angry, to keep his bile under control. If you give her will, they are quickly scared away all the others, and there will be one that invariably lead to severe depression. Also, they should refrain from excessive prejudice to themselves and self-destruction, which can lead to self-destruction, and certainly not allow to create something positive.
Advice for those born on February 23
Born February 23 practical enough and do not tend to lower the money. They always take into account their mistakes and not repeat them again, using his experience as a weapon. They combine practicality with its stunning intuition that literally leads them through life. If life circumstances prevent the use of their goals, they are considering it for signs and instructions from above, change your goals and can do something completely different from the first case of life. Their actions, they always plan, while they have a backup plan in case of emergency retreat.
When they reach the desired, they set a new goal and never feel out of business. Desperate situations do not recognize, but, as noted above, can turn aside and radically change the whole plan. It is important to refrain from frivolous behavior in personal relationships and listen to your inner voice. The wishes dear people should pay attention to reason with them, and do not forget the trust. If you listen carefully to the views and advice of each of the friends and colleagues, it will quickly become a favorite of others.

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