February  22  horoscope



What zodiac sign born on February 22?
Born February 22 Pisces endowed with charisma and a gift of empathy, compassion and deep feelings of others as their own emotions and sentiments. They attract people who sincerely sympathize, but for their kindness hiding pretty practical person. As befits a Pisces, and this zodiac sign born February 22, you do not like to share their plans and generally tend to heighten the mystery.
Date February 22 Zodiac sign Pisces corresponds to that awarded you a very, very strong intuition and sensitivity, attention to detail. Both of these qualities together to help you achieve the goals. You trust your intuition and your knowledge is often based on her hit than others.
Diseases born February 22
Most often, born February 22 do not pay enough attention to their health. If they manage to find a way to treat a particular disease, in the future, it ill, they will not go to the doctors, and will use them once already selected medicines. They are interested in health issues often help friends are not stupid advice. Prefer to be treated by homeopathy.

Zodiac sign characteristics


The most optimal diet for these people - it is the food with reduced fat, fruits and vegetables for vitamins. Excellent them suitable energy-intensive sports: weight lifting, climbing, running, gymnastics, swimming.
Jobs and careers of those born on February 22
The inner world of these people are so confused that they can not understand what was happening, it is not surprising if we recall, February 22 - a sign of the zodiac. Fish in general are extremely complicated inner life with a bias in depression and feelings. Born February 22 often choose an idea, which faithfully serve, forgetting about yourself.
They struggled oppose strongly influenced by their own emotion and sensitivity of their lives. They are almost always democrats and patriots and believe in the goodness of human nature, which is not surprising, to mention what zodiac sign on 22 February. Often they choose for themselves the work for the public good, it's some kind of social organizations, for the protection of the environment, sometimes politics.
Their thoughts and aspirations are almost always pure and focused on serving people. They are always fighting for freedom and absence of fear - tyranny, war, oppression. Born February 22 very fond of criticizing those who have in power. The more advanced of them at the same time trying to do to change the world, starting with ourselves, and at least a little less developed limited criticism of politicians, but do not see a way out of the crisis. They are able to encourage people to revolutionary changes in society, if not resolved to resist the government, often fall into pessimism.
They make good leaders or leaders because for goals and ideas they are able to give up on themselves and their interests. People see it and it attracts a crowd. Even if born February 22 completely avoid politics, they have a very strong influence on their friends and loved ones who are ready for them to go to great sacrifices. Not all born February 22 know about it beforehand than pleasantly surprised once.
Advice for those born on February 22
Often born February 22 suffer giperotvetstvennostyu and ruthlessly criticize yourself for minor blunders and mistakes. Also, they can never forgive favorite or favorite misconduct, extending this his ruthlessness and others. They should lower the threshold of rigor to themselves and others.
They hate to go against their principles, but for an idea still sometimes violate them, and then suffer a lifetime. They are able to receive assistance from the outside, but always just say about their thoughts and feelings. Such directness sometimes hurts them, it generally is not always appropriate. These people are very intellectuals and at least the first ever walk into a fight, and generally do not accept the explanation of relations by force.

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