February 17  horoscope



What zodiac sign born on February 17?
Date February 17 Aquarius zodiac sign matches. Born on this day, people are very smart, charismatic, hardworking, successful. They are great leaders and businessmen, self-confident and tough enough to hold all the controls firm in their hands. They are set only on success and confidently move up the career ladder. Often these people are workaholics, they give the work a very long time, stubborn, not from his retreat, the test is met with head held high and boldly confront the blows of fate. They always get what they want, without turning from the path to the desired goal. Subdue them and bring to heel a bit hard.

Diseases born February 17
Vulnerabilities organism born February 17 people - the bones, blood vessels, heart, skin, throat. As you can see, a lot of risks, so they need to be especially attentive to their health. There are problems with the stomach and intestines, therefore caution is recommended in food, diet is a must, besides, it directly affects the condition of the skin. It is imperative to give yourself breaks in work, rest and play sports, but not overstrained.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Aquarius zodiac sign born February 17, gives these people a very high sensitivity, but it manifests itself differently than others born in the first half of February people. They are from early youth feel dangerous world, but do not give up, not looking for a safe haven and fortress, and begin to fight with the world, forming himself as a fighter, a warrior. They do nature a fighter. And these people think differently in this cruel world simply can not survive.

Thus the strength of character of these people originally submits and humbles heightened emotionality. They can not sit quietly, humbly accepting the blows of fate. Lucky them or not, they will still resist and fight for the best. Even reaching the desired, they will not rest will rush to his eternal battle of habit. This insatiable desire to fight and control, it happens, born February 17 delivers a lot of problems and troubles. Nevertheless useful to be able to stop.
Jobs and careers of those born February 17,
On the nature of these sensitive Aquarius (Aquarius is - the answer to the question, what zodiac sign 17 February) is very sensitive to criticism or negative attitude towards them other people. They understand how it interferes in your life, and start to build around themselves iron armor. As a result, they are capable of cruelty and may even use force and violence if they think that they are right.

With the unfavorable scenario, these people may be even true genius of evil. They need a high moral and conscientious person next to that at the right time could gently instruct them on the right path and keep from manifesting extreme nature of the warrior. Sometimes their inherent softness and internal vulnerability eventually mutate into bitterness and skepticism that can make them extremely unpleasant in communication and prevent them from reaching the coveted top.

Born February 17 very important friendships and love relationships, but in this area they rarely lucky. This is due to the fact that born February 17 do not like to work on yourself and your character, do not like me, they are often too straightforward and roughly what they think, and it repels people. They also underestimate psychology, had never been studied, considering that they are enough knowledge to build strong relationships, they often do not want to learn and improve.
As a result, it is that they simply exploited and cast, counting for the short-sighted and stupid people. The most advanced and creative of people born February 17 does not clog the most vulnerable side of his nature, and teach them to pay by virtue of using both at work and in their personal lives its sensitivity and subtlety to achieve the objectives. They know how to love or love to do the same source of strength and inspiration that will give them wings and disperse the darkness.

Advice for those born February 17,
If we look at the innate mercy of these people, in their desire to help not only the families and friends, but often strangers, just no longer the issue, February 17 - a sign of the zodiac, because in this philanthropy has Aquarius. Angry born February 17 is usually short-lived, they othodchivy, although sometimes yield to provocations and act ugly.
They are not fussy, not prone to panic, rather restrained and observant, do not like to cheat, by nature endowed with great physical strength. It happens that the people around them believe that they are too indecisive and weak, seeing their expressionless face - but it is a very grave error, not just in the style born 17 February fuss and panic. However, they are usually very strong personality.
Deep down, they are not evil, seeking friendship and love and dream to start a family, capable of sincere sympathy and support that you can not always see their position warrior and a fighter. They just never give in insult and strive to achieve the desired.

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