February 16  horoscope



What zodiac sign born on February 16?
Aquarius zodiac sign born February 16, gives his players a mysterious aura and attractive complex, contradictory nature. But the influence of Pisces already very strong, and it is felt in people born February 16: beckons them all mystical, mysterious, unknowable. Are you looking for the truth, and the surface it seems energetic, brave, sociable person.

You are truly open to the outside world, but less frivolous, contrary to reason about you to popular belief. In fact, you are a serious and deep person. Change and debt do not press and do not scare you, you take life philosophically. Sharp mind, excellent health from birth, the full flexibility inherent in you. You will never miss the chance, do not choose a stagnation of laziness instead of new and interesting things. Date February 16 Aquarius zodiac sign matches, so you drag so everything new.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Diseases born February 16
Bearing in mind the date February 16 - a sign of the zodiac protection, we must warn those born on this day people about the necessity of regular physical activity, because your peace of mind and emotion tend to sometimes get out of control.

Sport helps you to throw the excess energy, and it will be easier to control myself. Try not to overeat, spend more time in the fresh air, to refuse the use of alcohol, is not indiscriminately horrible. Often you become workaholics, so do not forget about rest and sleep. From work, even loved, too, be sure to rest. Visits to the doctor for preventive examinations, because you are exposed to chronic diseases.

Jobs and careers of those born on February 16
Born on February 16 - the people of extremes, they often do not know the steps. This applies to virtually all of their lives. They are impulsive, their mood changed frequently and for no apparent reason, but they are always bright and attractive as a mysterious jewel. Work or hobbies they do with complete dedication and that is called the soul, rest also given to the full extent.
Often they do not see the nuances and tones, sharing life in vivid, unambiguous color. But their courage and bravado - almost always a mask. At heart, these people - unfortunate sufferers who are hard to live in a tough world with restrictions. They feel that they should first do everything to relatives, friends, colleagues - for other people, always slide in their own desires and whims of far away, but discontent accumulates, causing them to suffer.
So to approach life still is not quite correct, because our subconscious mind - not a dump, to drive the back pain, resentment, fear, unrealized desires, once all the accumulated negative burst the dam, and then your mental health and nervous system not be good. Perhaps we should all do not take the sacrificial position and pay attention to their own desires, too?

But born February 16 trying for image and image of the ideal itself from other people, as a result, deep down they are very unsure of themselves, often experience and suffer. Then immediately the question arises, what zodiac sign on February 16 because this perception of the external world and ill themselves as victims often tend to just Pisces. But on February 16 Aquarians born. Effect of Fish strong because in a few days this zodiac sign is fully comes into its own.
Also heavily born February 16 suffer losses and failures. If their biggest failures recognizes a wide range of people, they can even commit suicide. But with such an emotional range and the denial of the golden mean the risk of falls and failures is particularly high. Communicate with these people interesting, but often hard because you do not know at what point that is called explode.

They do not seem reliable. For this reason, born February 16 sometimes remain alone until the end of life. However, they are very fond of the living world, animals and children who always give them positive. They can be simply gorgeous parents and caregivers.
Men born on 16 February can be a great boss, because their ideas are quickly becoming the ideas of the whole team, they are able to win over the crowd. Women are born on this day have a truly stunning emotion, they are usually popular with men. They make excellent dramatic actress. As for the intimate life, born February 16, both men and women are monogamous and do not like to change partners. Sexually, they are quite inventive, they were not bored.

Tips for those born on February 16
Born Feb. 16 requires respect for others and tolerance for their eccentricities or features. Faced with a sharp denial or neglect on the part of others, they are able to withdraw, become sullen and silent, even more so keeping everything in itself. Their discontent will only occasionally exhibit unexpected outbreaks of rage and anger. Good by nature, these people may cause disapproval surrounding its unpredictability and turbulent emotions. They should work on themselves and learn to control myself.

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