February  14  horoscope



What zodiac sign born on February 14?
If you look at people who were born on February 14, once it becomes clear, the date of February 14 - which corresponds to the sign of the zodiac. Smart people who can quickly and extremely unusual to solve even the most complex problems - this, of course, Aquarius. Born February 14 sociability, they usually many friends and acquaintances, among whom they are famous for their sparkling sense of humor.

Inexpressible optimists, they are always the focus of any company because of its sharp tongue, observation and wit. You do not just gay people, almost always your jokes are so deep that resemble aphorisms and make us think and reflect. Aquarius - zodiac sign born February 14 you instilled the love of the truth, the truth, desire to find her and give to people. Just like that. Of love for all mankind.
Therefore you are willing to share your thoughts and ideas with all the others. And here lies, which usually prevents to find the truth, you hate with all my heart, as liars. Themselves born February 14 always tell the truth and do not tolerate cheating.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Diseases born February 14
Oddly enough, these fun and cheerful optimists often suffer from not visible at first glance stress. Stresses threaten even those quite successful, one has a wonderful job and career, many friends, is love, money, luck in life, it would seem, nothing to complain about, but in our lives rarely get something for nothing and everything has hidden, dark side.
To prevent stress undermine your health, you need to relax enough hours and generally follow the reasonable mode. Do not use anti-depressants without prescription, do not abuse coffee, smoking and other stimulants, even for urgent work. Be sure to master the technique of meditation and learn to cope with even the most powerful emotions without the help of drugs.

Vulnerabilities of the body of the people: the cardiovascular system and metabolism. They definitely need to learn to curb his anger and aggression, and to engage in their health to prevent heart problems. Your nervous system stimulants are contraindicated diverse and overloading. Bad habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol, must be abandoned altogether. In the struggle with depression and low mood will help the sport and diet.

Jobs and careers of those born on February 14
Date February 14 Aquarius zodiac sign matches, these people often have a light, sparkling sense of humor, and born on February 14 are no exception. They are masters of sarcasm and irony, their jokes are always filled with hidden meaning and appeal to reflection. These people love to be invited to parties and celebrations, as even in the gray routine alert for abnormal and they are able to teach what he saw in a humorous vein.

The secret of this success lies in the fact that born February 14 very attentive, have a way of thinking and thus perceive life fairly easily. Philosophicality its eccentricities and they show it through humor, jokes and quips. If you met who was born on February 14 configured pessimistic and residing in depression, it means that for some reason he took the position of the victim, which unfairly hurts fate and circumstances.
This subtype of people born on February 14 usually does not want to solve problems and to work on themselves and their lives (although often the problem is not terrible), they prefer to endure the blows of fate and suffering. Often in this case, they are trying to be justified by religion, fatalism, karma, bad luck, the induced damage and something similar. But it is worth remembering that the man is the creator of his own destiny, if the problem is not solved, they do not dare. You just do not give up, do not give up, and then everything will turn out.

As for the more playful minded part born February 14, they can give advice to try not to offend, not to touch a chord with his humor no people. Take care that your jokes are not made fun of people who do not become toxic heavy sarcasm, because it will scare you but others, not to mention the fact that laugh at other people's misfortunes - despicable. Be also careful with black humor, not to offend anyone's feelings.
Advice for those born on February 14
Born on February 14, and are able to joke on himself. But here they make fun of themselves will not allow anyone, is the best way for all to quarrel with these people, and even become their enemy. They have fast response and very sharp tongue, believe me, this enemy you to anything. Ability to analyze and think logically - also a strong place of these natures.

Their brain is capable of a high speed to generate unusual solutions to many common problems that directly answers the question, what zodiac sign February 14 - of course, Aquarius. Therefore, born February 14 try to choose for themselves active professional activities. The libraries of books they are just bored. But the rapidly changing situation, rush jobs, problems requiring unusual decision - it is their element.
Born February 14 love to show off and make a speech. For this they often even make friends with a lot of less educated than themselves, people. They love to tell new and teach at the same time shining in the spotlight and showing off.

The main thing in this situation, they refrain from ridicule, even if their sharp wit and noticed something funny. Be tolerant of others and critical of yourself. Do not forget some time to spend alone, analyzing their behavior to protect themselves from mistakes in the future.

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