February 13  horoscope



What zodiac sign born on February 13?
In astrology, zodiac sign born February 13 - Aquarius and born on this day people are classic Aquarius, focused on thoughts of how to help humanity and to make life better. You are very stubborn and single-minded, willing to work tirelessly to achieve the desired. These people are very hard, if they have set themselves something that no one, not someone's opinion, no circumstances, will not lead them astray.

Diseases born February 13
Typically, born 13 February cherish their health and take care of themselves in time. Vulnerable spot of their body: the musculoskeletal system. Therefore, they should definitely go in for sports, yoga, gymnastics, meditation. As for diet, the born February 13 love rare and unusual dishes. They need to give up eating red meat, sugar, fats and oils.

It is not necessary to consume coffee and black tea. These people are usually endowed with a strong sexual desire. But to maintain health are encouraged to meet it with a partner, not Start on the search for sensual pleasures. Sexual abstinence they also will benefit.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Jobs and careers of those born on February 13
Like most Aquarians (and we remember the date of February 13 - which corresponds to the sign of the zodiac), born on this day are very active and energetic. They are extroverts like to open the outside world, to demonstrate their strong and deep emotion to shine in the company. Not all born February 13 crave fame and public recognition, but almost all dream to be famous even in narrow circles of friends and acquaintances.
Date February 13 Aquarius zodiac sign matches, which gives these people the desire to shock the audience or unexpected ideas or strange, eccentric behavior. Born Feb. 13 - not the exception, they love outrageous, think unusual, to communicate with them is always very interesting. They do not accept the lie, though straightness often hurts their relationship. Their plans and ideas they are happy to confide to others, solutions change frequently and abruptly, being exceptionally bright and visible nature.

Born February 13 - optimists. Troubles and failures are not afraid of them, they are all over the pros and looking for change are trying to see only the positive side. Born on February 13 have a sharp mind, but their impulsive nature causes them to act first, and only then to reflect, although in many cases it is better to do the opposite.
They listen to the call of their sexuality, the call of their feelings and emotions, but to reason and logic, unfortunately, much less listen. For many others dealing with such people - a real test, unusual and illogical actions and their overflowing emotions make them very unpredictable and severe.
Born on February 13, as befits Aquarius (Aquarius - the answer to the question, what zodiac sign February 13), try to make a difference, and often try to start with yourself.

But this is not such a good idea, as it seems, because adjust to the diversity of the requirements of other people is not so simple. And the character can not throw as clothes, not so easy to break and change their character, not so easy to hide the bright and strong emotions, which demanded torn out. Here it is necessary to compromise with others and the rules of propriety, it is necessary to outline the range of situations in which to show their emotions appropriate and when not to, and try not to limit myself constantly, but only when you need it.
Do not try to be too kind and gentle - surrounding rarely appreciate it, but the good nature is often abused. Excessive coldness and arrogance - too wrong road, because such behavior can alienate and offend close friends. Try less experimenting with its own character, remaining primarily himself. Remember rude saying "You are not money to be liked by everybody." Of course, to dissolve themselves and their emotions are not necessary, as mentioned above, a reasonable limit to demonstrate their feelings will be the best option and will benefit your character.

Tips for those born on February 13
Born February 13 often exhibit excessive credulity, they believe everything they say around, and absolutely nothing. They are often deceived. Another of their weak spot - is dependent on the attention and recognition. Without the approval of others, they may even fall into depression, and shining on the podium, start to work with redoubled energy. It's not so bad, but should not be too dependent from a psychological point of view of other people. And there is another danger, especially aggravated your credulity: you can get on a hook of flattery.
Born February 13 usually reach their goals. But if something goes according to plan, they can be amazing for such unusual and eccentric natures intolerance and impatience. They need to learn more philosophical look at things and try not to depend not only on the attention of others, but also from their own plans.

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