February 1   horoscope



Aquarius - zodiac sign born on February 1 and, as befits Aquarius, these people are distinguished pioneering spirit of deep, progressive, intolerance to the old and dead. Openly and loudly, as befits Aquarius, because the date of February 1 zodiac sign corresponds exactly this is born this day a person expresses his thoughts, projects and principles.

He is able to persuade and lead, can get to hear and listen to his opinion. On his plans, projects and its innovative vision of the world, he says every time seems possible. These people - bright, active nature, ebullient optimists, they feel the strength and confidence that makes the crowd to follow them, a whole new confidence that, as through a mouthpiece, broadcasting through these people.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Absolutely no doubt, February 1 - a sign of the zodiac, as born on this day, people have many classical features of Aquarius. Even the health problems they are most common among Aquarians. Aquarius is often unable to cope with their emotions invincible, which greatly affects the nervous system and its well-being as a whole. Their sensitivity is often pushes them into a trap, in a fit of passion these people, they say, can commit follies.

Most importantly, what should be avoided born February 1 Aquarius - is intoxicating mind all funds from drug to drug and alcohol use. With such emotions are not to be trifled with, using an additional drug to the body. Try to become the master of your emotions, do not use crutches outside, after all, bad habits, and medications are highly addictive. Exercise regularly, but try not to overwork.

Will be useful for jogging in the morning, swimming pool, pilates, gymnastics. Try to quit smoking if still smoke. Do not eat too many sweets: calm from the tobacco and sugar - only a temporary effect, eventually you will, on the contrary, will become even more nervous and excitable. The most useful diet for you is a diet that includes high-quality soups, bread, fresh vegetables, cereals, lean meat without seasoning.

Communicating with these people, do not forget about what zodiac sign 1 February. Aquarius constantly amazes others more and more new ideas and projects, among which are the slag, and there is a very exciting offer. Do not dismiss these people of innovation. Abstraction - not for them, often born February 1 issue very concrete proposals. Rarely do these people show care and consideration, most often they are straight and sharp.

They are very determined and stubborn, feeling his innocence, will stand up to the last. Helps them not only a sharp mind, but also strongly developed intuition. They are willing to use it to get around unpleasant topics that do not like to talk. Due to this, born February 1 manage with no one to quarrel, despite the harshness of his nature and often scandalous.

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