February  29  horoscope



What zodiac sign born on February 29?
Pisces - zodiac sign born February 29 gives his players a pleasant charisma, it has to charm, tact, courtesy and diplomacy. Charm attracts him a lot of people, many of whom have become friends born on February 29. They get along very well with all kinds of people, are able to find all approach, which greatly contribute to the polite manners.
However themselves born February 29 often feel less optimistic than they really are, and they do not always understand correctly. Sometimes, they are also considered too careless, but this is misleading. Born on February 29 have serious ambitions, not afraid to manipulate other people, are able to convince the correctness and willing to use their gifts to influence the crowd.
Diseases born February 29

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February  28  horoscope



What zodiac sign born on February 28?
Despite the fact that the date of February 28 Pisces zodiac sign matches, soft and passive in nature, these people, however, are natural leaders. It is to them for help in critical moments of turning the other. Of course, the zodiac sign born February 28 leaves its imprint on their character, giving them a kind of reverie and isolation from the real world, but these people never bury their heads in the sand in front of the problems or difficult situations.
They are actively struggling with difficulties, trying to overcome the negative and do not give up. Born on February 28 have the gift of empathy, that is someone else's feelings moods and emotions that immediately pushes us to think what zodiac sign February 28th. Almost all fish - empathy in varying degrees. Therefore, they always keenly feel the needs of the community and are at the peak of new trends. They just feel it mysteriously, possibly because of a common information field people.

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February  27  horoscope



What zodiac sign born on February 27?
Date February 27 Pisces zodiac sign matches, it gives those born on this day capacity for empathy, that is, feeling another's emotions and moods as his own. From this comes a deep understanding of your "feel" of other people. This is a danger, problems and negative emotions of others may make you nervous breakdown or depression, so sometimes you need to stay calm day or two alone, without listening to someone and not dipping into other people's worlds.
Long loneliness born on this day people do not survive, as they seek to help and care for others. Pisces zodiac sign born February 27 gives you a subtle sense of nature artist and creator. You also important to the happiness of mankind, for the benefit of which you are willing to work tirelessly, drawing and translating innovative ideas and projects.

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February  26  horoscope



What zodiac sign born on February 26?
Pisces zodiac sign born February 26, gives his players boundless imagination and a desire to be in the clouds, and birthday presents them a certain fraction of practicality. Born on this day, people are very thin and sensitive, and sincerely wish to benefit mankind.
They are excellent tactics, so know how to properly promote their ideas to the masses. Born February 26 well feel the mood of the crowd, and the people love and are able to communicate with representatives of various segments of the population. You can make a career in almost any field, using their intuition, creativity and perseverance.
Diseases born February 26
Born February 26 Pisces believe that they are well look after their health. But, being by nature hedonists, they can get carried away too much or fine cuisine or carnal pleasures and harm your health. Them to comply with the diet is extremely difficult. They need especially to control oil consumption, fatty sauces, cream and harmful foods.

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February  25  horoscope



What zodiac sign born on February 25?
The answer to the question, what zodiac sign on February 25 will be obvious if we mention the strong intuition born on this day people and their thirst for a mystical, mysterious, unknown side of life. Of course, this fish. It zodiac sign born February 25 constantly pushes them to the endless search for the meaning of life and thinking about the mysteries of life. These people are smart and often wise beyond his years.
They have the gift of empathy, well versed in psychology, feel the mood of others, but to be in the spotlight not like, preferring solitude as true introverts.
Diseases born February 25
Date February 25 Pisces zodiac sign matches, which gives his players a distraction and clumsiness in matters of domestic and in relation to their own health. Important to them all forms of contact with the subtle world, the world of dreams, it is not surprising that the dream for these people is the foundation of their physical and mental health. Do not stir them to sleep, never without extreme need not wake born February 25 need a lot of time for recreation.

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February  24  horoscope



What zodiac sign born on February 24?
Date February 24 Pisces zodiac sign matches. It's a little naive nice people, quite sociable, romance, seeking eternal and only love, wishing to benefit people. They feel good people and motives of their actions, as befits Pisces - this zodiac sign born on February 24th. They are genuinely trying to take care of their loved people, although in need of care themselves, too.
Water sign Pisces gives you soft and unobtrusive, you do not like direct commands or pressure, achieving its gradually, in a roundabout way. Diplomacy and charisma you successfully replaces a frontal attack. The aura of mystery and mysticism hide these people, leaving no doubt as to what zodiac sign on February 24th. You tend to change frequently, even more confusing others, but it is also an element of your charm. You always have an advantage over men, because you are reading in their souls are much clearer than they are in yours.

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February  23  horoscope



What zodiac sign born on February 23?
Pisces - zodiac sign born February 23, it gives these people a rare sensitivity and subtlety, and the number 23 gives these people a certain rationality and pragmatism. Are you interested in mysticism and all otherworldly, but your attitude is present bit of skepticism.
You - a great orator and a wonderful, attentive listener. Born February 23 - a very creative nature, endowed with the gift of acting, musical, artistic and plastic talents. Of you get a great art or, for example, a philanthropist.
Diseases born February 23
Born on February 23 too much work, like real workaholics, and therefore often suffer from overexertion. They need to competently alternate periods of work and leisure. Is very important for these people to a deep, deep sleep, so they should pay particular attention to design your bedroom.

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February  22  horoscope



What zodiac sign born on February 22?
Born February 22 Pisces endowed with charisma and a gift of empathy, compassion and deep feelings of others as their own emotions and sentiments. They attract people who sincerely sympathize, but for their kindness hiding pretty practical person. As befits a Pisces, and this zodiac sign born February 22, you do not like to share their plans and generally tend to heighten the mystery.
Date February 22 Zodiac sign Pisces corresponds to that awarded you a very, very strong intuition and sensitivity, attention to detail. Both of these qualities together to help you achieve the goals. You trust your intuition and your knowledge is often based on her hit than others.
Diseases born February 22
Most often, born February 22 do not pay enough attention to their health. If they manage to find a way to treat a particular disease, in the future, it ill, they will not go to the doctors, and will use them once already selected medicines. They are interested in health issues often help friends are not stupid advice. Prefer to be treated by homeopathy.

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February  21  horoscope



What zodiac sign born on February 21?

Pisces - zodiac sign born February 21, gives birth on this day people romance and soft charisma, attractiveness. Often this creative people with a developed imagination, smart and resourceful. They are well adapted to changing circumstances, everywhere can find a place to find anyone approach.
Date February 21 Zodiac sign Pisces matches, which gives birth to the day daydreaming, they always seemed to soar in the clouds and did not pay attention to what is going on under their noses. Sometimes this surrounding conclude that you easily cheat, cheat with advertising or stupid sob story, but it is not so. Fish is really very compassionate and open towards others and their troubles, but they themselves are able to be nice to cheat, dope and never agree to something that they do not like.

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February  20  horoscope



What zodiac sign born on February 20?
Date February 20 Pisces zodiac sign patron. He gives his players softness, interest in culture and music, romance, idealism. This is good people, something similar to the naive, open the world of children. They are happy to communicate and seek to make friends everywhere. By nature they are very soft, so they make good diplomats, they can be part of a team, a keen sense of who and when you need help, be sure to have it, very polite and well-mannered, empathy, that is, feel the emotions of others.

Someone else's pain is capable to cause pain to themselves, after these words, you can no longer wonder February 20 - a sign of the zodiac, such a degree of sensitivity and intuition have developed only fish. Born February 20 people are willing to pay their last, if only to help those who suffer. Often this quality start to abuse by others.

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February 19  horoscope



What zodiac sign born on February 19?
Aquarius - zodiac sign born February 19, gives birth on this day people are cold and sensible rationality. However, the next day comes into its own sign of Pisces, which can not but reflect on the previous date. Pisces born on February 19 received emotion, intuition and sensitivity. As a result, we see an enterprising businessman, who often appears prescient.

Volatile energy of these people sometimes confuses even themselves confused: what they want to develop and move in several directions simultaneously, and then want to sit back and watch the bustle philosophically the world. These people are endowed with a strong imagination, if they entice some idea, then his energy and desire to move towards the goal they will surprise all around. Even February 19 Aquarius zodiac sign corresponds to similar obsession and following ideas is typical of Aquarius.

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February 18  horoscope



What zodiac sign born on February 18?
People born on February 18 Aquarius zodiac sign matches. He gives them the individualistic and the desire for bright, non-standard, a marked expression. You have a noticeable unusual style that stands out from the mass of people. There is no doubt, Feb. 18 - what zodiac sign is Aquarius, because it is through your zodiac patron you visit many conflicting ideas, and your curiosity has led to the fact that more or less you understand all the issues of life and science.

You do not fit the stereotypes and circuit break them of their originality, you classifications is as true Aquarians. It zodiac sign born February 18 makes you a real innovator and reformer. You are the one who will lead the world something new, herald change. However, for this reason, you are not always easy to live. You join into one their extravagant ideas, scientific theories and religious, mystical tenets.

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February 17  horoscope



What zodiac sign born on February 17?
Date February 17 Aquarius zodiac sign matches. Born on this day, people are very smart, charismatic, hardworking, successful. They are great leaders and businessmen, self-confident and tough enough to hold all the controls firm in their hands. They are set only on success and confidently move up the career ladder. Often these people are workaholics, they give the work a very long time, stubborn, not from his retreat, the test is met with head held high and boldly confront the blows of fate. They always get what they want, without turning from the path to the desired goal. Subdue them and bring to heel a bit hard.

Diseases born February 17
Vulnerabilities organism born February 17 people - the bones, blood vessels, heart, skin, throat. As you can see, a lot of risks, so they need to be especially attentive to their health. There are problems with the stomach and intestines, therefore caution is recommended in food, diet is a must, besides, it directly affects the condition of the skin. It is imperative to give yourself breaks in work, rest and play sports, but not overstrained.

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February 16  horoscope



What zodiac sign born on February 16?
Aquarius zodiac sign born February 16, gives his players a mysterious aura and attractive complex, contradictory nature. But the influence of Pisces already very strong, and it is felt in people born February 16: beckons them all mystical, mysterious, unknowable. Are you looking for the truth, and the surface it seems energetic, brave, sociable person.

You are truly open to the outside world, but less frivolous, contrary to reason about you to popular belief. In fact, you are a serious and deep person. Change and debt do not press and do not scare you, you take life philosophically. Sharp mind, excellent health from birth, the full flexibility inherent in you. You will never miss the chance, do not choose a stagnation of laziness instead of new and interesting things. Date February 16 Aquarius zodiac sign matches, so you drag so everything new.

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February 15  horoscope



What zodiac sign born on February 15?
Date February 15 Aquarius zodiac sign matches. Aquarius gives his players the desire for everything new and unusual, and the ability to think outside the box, to innovate, to invent. Born February 15 people are always full of energy, they are active and with interest looking at the world around us.

Often born on this day are the real geniuses, forward-looking their age. They quickly trained, never lose heart when failures, full of optimism and determination in the future. Aquarius - zodiac sign born February 15 gives you a deep faith in the power of the human mind and its own capabilities.

Diseases born February 15
Organism born February 15 people are very sensitive to everything foreign, so often they have one or the other allergy. They suffer from the cold and the heat, their skin does not tolerate dry, so both men and women born on this day, it is recommended to use special creams and oils for skin care hands, face and body. Underbelly of the body of the people: the nervous system. The fact that they have increased sensitivity and emotionality, and excessive emotions, stress often very harmful to their health.

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February  14  horoscope



What zodiac sign born on February 14?
If you look at people who were born on February 14, once it becomes clear, the date of February 14 - which corresponds to the sign of the zodiac. Smart people who can quickly and extremely unusual to solve even the most complex problems - this, of course, Aquarius. Born February 14 sociability, they usually many friends and acquaintances, among whom they are famous for their sparkling sense of humor.

Inexpressible optimists, they are always the focus of any company because of its sharp tongue, observation and wit. You do not just gay people, almost always your jokes are so deep that resemble aphorisms and make us think and reflect. Aquarius - zodiac sign born February 14 you instilled the love of the truth, the truth, desire to find her and give to people. Just like that. Of love for all mankind.
Therefore you are willing to share your thoughts and ideas with all the others. And here lies, which usually prevents to find the truth, you hate with all my heart, as liars. Themselves born February 14 always tell the truth and do not tolerate cheating.

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February 13  horoscope



What zodiac sign born on February 13?
In astrology, zodiac sign born February 13 - Aquarius and born on this day people are classic Aquarius, focused on thoughts of how to help humanity and to make life better. You are very stubborn and single-minded, willing to work tirelessly to achieve the desired. These people are very hard, if they have set themselves something that no one, not someone's opinion, no circumstances, will not lead them astray.

Diseases born February 13
Typically, born 13 February cherish their health and take care of themselves in time. Vulnerable spot of their body: the musculoskeletal system. Therefore, they should definitely go in for sports, yoga, gymnastics, meditation. As for diet, the born February 13 love rare and unusual dishes. They need to give up eating red meat, sugar, fats and oils.

It is not necessary to consume coffee and black tea. These people are usually endowed with a strong sexual desire. But to maintain health are encouraged to meet it with a partner, not Start on the search for sensual pleasures. Sexual abstinence they also will benefit.

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February 12  horoscope



What zodiac sign born on February 12?
Aquarius zodiac sign born February 12, gives birth on this day people extravagant and unusual. They are independent, as expected Aquarius, but in a special soft and charismatic. Born on this day, people are so optimistic and easy, sometimes surrounding think it's a mask.

But they really are not. They know how to make friends, very sociable and have a sparkling sense of humor - because of the nature of these properties, they almost never left alone. Looking like filigree born February 12 to find a balance between independence and helping other people, cohesion with the team, it's hard to guess what zodiac sign on February 12, but it's a little cold and a little arrogant, divorced from the reality of Aquarius.

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February 11  horoscope



What zodiac sign born on February 11?
Date February 11th sign of the zodiac - Aquarius, who gives his players the ability to generate a large number of unconventional ideas and projects. Your vanity and activity helps you to translate these ideas into practice, to achieve their implementation. Charisma and innate charisma helps you draw the attention of others to your ideas and projects.
You admire, though often do not understand, do you feel a conductor of some obscure forces, completes the story. Aquarius zodiac sign born February 11, it is influenced by the people. Fame and success gradually become your constant companions.

Diseases born February 11
But often born February 11 need help of a professional psychologist or psychiatrist. The fact that these people are too dependent on the pleasure and luxury. They appreciate the beauty and quality, and sometimes it goes all reasonable boundaries. Their nervous system often experiences congestion that occur in the lungs of mental disorders and obsession on certain things.

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February 10  horoscope



What zodiac sign born on February 10?
Aquarius zodiac sign born February 10, gave his players a truly inexhaustible supply of energy. These people look like little indomitable vortex that does not know peace. They always become workaholics, and their way of thinking is worthy of admiration.

They think no logic, and some intuition, creative inspiration that helps them with unreal speed to generate a lot of innovative ideas - is no longer any doubt what zodiac sign on February 10. Sometimes it may seem that these people do not have feelings, but it is not, they just happen to live in the world of ideas that often do not notice anything.

Diseases born February 10
Underbelly of the body of the rapid people - is the nervous system that is subject to strong gravitational forces. Due to the large number of projects and ideas, due to frequent changes of mood and emotions born February 10 can experience a real nervous breakdown. Often, they also suffer from insomnia.

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February 9  horoscope



What zodiac sign born February 9?
Aquarius zodiac sign born February 9, gives birth on this day people innate kindness, the desire to help to sacrifice, dreaminess. These people are completely practical, ready to give the shirt needy beggar. In addition, they are insanely stubborn and will persist until the last in its decision. The naivete of a child and the wisdom of a hermit connects the soul of these people.

Diseases born February 9
However, these remarkable people still threatens depression if their life will be one of only sorrow and suffering. They should avoid such bad habits as the abuse of alcohol or drugs, as these substances can only strengthen their depression. Date of Birth February 9 zodiac sign Aquarius matches. He gives his players a deep sensitivity and emotionality, so born February 9 people should definitely become a master of your emotions.

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February 8  horoscope



What zodiac sign born February 8?
Date of Birth February 8 zodiac sign corresponds to Aquarius, which gives his players philanthropy, ingenuity, dreaminess and a desire to make people's life better than it is. However, the effect of the birth is that this particular Aquarius turns rather practical dreamer who manages enough to stand on their feet and who can make a career in many areas of professional activity.

Often born February 8 become real workaholics, despite what zodiac sign on 8 February. They are stubborn and adventurous, Aquarius often gives these people the gift of the inventor. They just feel the time and are able to guess the right moment. Always know exactly what you need to achieve their goals. Of these people make great financiers, because they feel fine when you need to hold the money, and when you can keep them in circulation.

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February 7  horoscope



What zodiac sign born February 7?
Aquarius zodiac sign born February 7 makes these people real thinkers and innovators, often eccentric and large originals, sometimes misunderstood loners and philosophers-meditators. Born Feb. 7 people enigmatic, charismatic and beckon others.

From birth they have a complex and contradictory nature, which only adds to the mystique of them. They are always sociable and outgoing, happy to help those who need their help, but they occasionally need to come alone, to contemplate their inner world and generate incredible ideas, as befits a classic Aquarius date February 7 zodiac sign corresponds exactly this . The most developed and complex are the people born from February 7, keen intellect who connects with his powerful intuition and unbridled imagination - that of such a synthesis can be born a truly brilliant idea, the present invention is to move forward human development.

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February 6  horoscope



What zodiac sign born February 6?
Date February 6 Aquarius zodiac sign patron, and born on this day people hate frames, patterns, constraints, love originality, uniqueness and difference from others as true Aquarians. By nature they are quite endowed with talent, allowing even change the course of history.
While a horoscope February 6 born on this day people are very attentive to personal relationship that does not conform to the classical Aquarius. They sighted and love to invent an unusual approach even to the standard things, well versed in human psychology and do not let the outside fool you.

Diseases born February 6
For those born on February 6 means a lot presentable appearance, as it directly affects their image. To keep your skin as long as possible look young and healthy, use cosmetics only from natural ingredients and eat fresh organic foods, avoiding chemicals.

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February 5  horoscope



What zodiac sign born February 5?
Aquarius zodiac sign born February 5, gives these people the ability to find creative solutions for common problems. They have great sense of humor, they are great speakers, they are interested in almost all spheres of activity. Most of all they like to collect information about people, be they mental dossier, including a lot of compromising.

Any experience they analyze, structured and mentally put on some shelf, that is, these people are logical and systematic approach to love everything that distinguishes them from several canonical Aquarius, and February 5th sign of the zodiac corresponds exactly this.

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February 4  horoscope



Aquarius - zodiac sign born Feb. 4, but in this day born unconventional Aquarius. In contrast to the classical representative of their zodiac sign they are more conservative, more focused on their work, often are workaholics, and they have an excellent retentive memory and attention to specific details.

Born February 4 never soar in the clouds, they live in this reality and the fact differ from many Aquarians. Effect of the date of February 4 zodiac sign Aquarius manifested in the character of those born on this day people in their strangeness, a slight touch of extravagance. But the usual "vodoleynoy" distraction we do not observe. These people - the champions of iron discipline, they are usually interested only essential and practical things.

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February 3  horoscope



Date of February 3 - what zodiac sign patron is, of course, Aquarius. This is an open world, people who are interested in almost everything. As a true Aquarius, you're always looking for something new, sharp, unknown, interesting. Are you interested in new ideas, new ideas, a guide that you are happy to get, spreading them in my not so little environment. Aquarius - zodiac sign born on February 3, but unlike most of your Aquarius is that you are more flexible and better able to adapt.

Attention and understanding - is the most powerful of your hand. You are charismatic, you have a huge number of friends and acquaintances, as any open world extrovert. Often you feel the creative inspiration that makes you more attractive in the eyes of others. Sociability is combined with a high learning disabilities have even already in adulthood.

Irrepressible, vigorous energy and a sincere desire to bring happiness to mankind leaves no doubt as to what zodiac sign on Feb. 3. You can set an example to the pessimists, who dropped his hands, so you energetic and active person.

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February 2  horoscope



Date February 2 zodiac sign Aquarius. Born February 2 people differ from classical Aquarius that much more attention to the people and more like individual personality, personality, and not an abstract humanity. Looking at the mercy, kindness and compassion these people can be no doubt what zodiac sign Feb. 2.

But even the compassion these people more personally colored and bright than the typical representatives of this zodiac sign. Born February 2 people are less stubborn than other Aquarians, they are less canny, more attentive to the other person and are ready to think it through his words. They are smaller cycles on their own feelings and ideas.

Sometimes, philanthropy and charity of their nature even begins to annoy themselves, because they want to pay attention not only to the suffering around, but themselves and their friends and relatives. Also, from the classic Aquarius distinguishes these people great sensitivity, which often endowed born in early February, people. They are quite capable to comprehend the world, not only by reason, but by the senses and emotions.

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February 1   horoscope



Aquarius - zodiac sign born on February 1 and, as befits Aquarius, these people are distinguished pioneering spirit of deep, progressive, intolerance to the old and dead. Openly and loudly, as befits Aquarius, because the date of February 1 zodiac sign corresponds exactly this is born this day a person expresses his thoughts, projects and principles.

He is able to persuade and lead, can get to hear and listen to his opinion. On his plans, projects and its innovative vision of the world, he says every time seems possible. These people - bright, active nature, ebullient optimists, they feel the strength and confidence that makes the crowd to follow them, a whole new confidence that, as through a mouthpiece, broadcasting through these people.

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