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Fate: This day is such that its vibrations are amplified positive qualities, and born on this day have the wit and creativity. They are called pets fate, and it will spoil them throughout their lives, thanks to the will and determination they can easily overcome adversity, and good luck tail follows them everywhere. They are very hardworking, always around them friends and supporters. Friendliness and affability they light their way of life. They should avoid early marriage, not to get disappointed and hurt, they should tie the knot only at maturity, is a guarantee of their happy relationship.

The mystery of the birth: The cultural achievements - that beacon that lights the way born on December 31. It is not surprising that their work is interwoven with the approval of beauty in different forms. They are fans of world literature, music, art and achievements in these areas. Since the creation of bright and beautiful is associated with the liquidation is not appropriate under this definition, born on this day puzzling finding and removing unpleasant phenomena around.

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Born December 31 tend to impose on others their vision of the beautiful and the ugly. And this should be avoided. Others should tell them that their opinion - one of many, no matter how firmly and justified it, the other point of view, too, have a place to be. Regardless, born December 31 understand the needs of society and have their own views as to satisfy these needs, often useful and objective. Born December 31 - holders of pragmatic and modern way of thinking, so call them sentimentality or negative is difficult for many. The most suitable place for those born December 31 - at the barricades in the struggle for beauty and the destruction of imperfection. But all around ugly they consider an insult to himself.

Born December 31 attaches great importance to your appearance and produced on a different impression. Therefore, their clothes are ironed and always impeccable, and they are fragrant and clean well kept, not forgetting to put their best side in public. Although narcissism they can not be reproached for taking care of yourself - a manifestation of their practicality. Knowing how important first impression for future relations, they also realize that a second chance to make it not be presented. Stability, beauty and grace - erected on a pedestal is ideal for those born on December 31, and both in private and in public life. If the process is intended for them to plan, they do not disturb anyone and do not bring trouble. They are ready to find satisfaction without prejudice feelings of dissatisfaction and annoyance to other loved ones.

Deeply aware of their capabilities and the necessary forces, born on this day is reasonable to allocate the case - something they take something trust others. If they realize their inability to accomplish anything, they just are not taken for it. In connection with their beginnings are always successful. Let their goals are modest and not so great, but they are achievable by them. Less enlightened person among those born on December 31 should exercise caution and be persistent when they are inundated with negativity from others, or when they are unsuccessful. It is necessary to learn to calm and restraint so as not to respond to external stimuli and expend less energy to achieve the plan. Emotionality plays a role in the behavior of an agent provocateur born December 31, and many of them know that this is his line.

Most born December 31 can objectively assess the situation and focus on the reasonableness of the solution, they tend not to incur the extra trouble. However, they sometimes express their opinions, and it is totally awesome, unpopular and not peculiar to them. Success in life will depend on how harmoniously born on this day will be able to connect their idealistic manifestations with the pragmatic view.

Health: Careful monitoring of the state of the teeth and skin for those born on December 31 is the norm. Therefore, for them and hygiene is paramount. They should avoid potentially allergenic foods, moderate consumption of sugar, caffeine and alcohol, it is desirable to give up nicotine, especially in his younger years. Born December 31, you can call the fans of cosmetics for which they are willing to spend a lot of money in an effort to keep in perfect order their appearance. Love for the beautiful and perfect can be cleverly combined with culinary skills, and then they can combine business with pleasure. Physical activity will be useful to them, they should not be neglected.

Tip: be tolerant, because others have their own opinions and views. Onslaught - not the best tactic in communication. If asked for advice - prompt, but not meddle where you do not ask. Eliminates the conflict. Cultivate a willingness to compromise, for you it is a useful property.

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