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The fate of all life born on this day will be due early conditions - parental discipline. And the main character traits with age will enhance the vibration of the day. These people are sent to earth to atone for karmic debts. They laid a strong will, they are eloquent and persuasive, perceptive and sometimes become visionaries, but life itself does not enable them to implement fully. They are able to ascend to the pinnacle of success and with ease with her fall, remaining powerless to fix something before the blows of fate. And she, the villain, do not skimp on the slap for those born on this day. They can only humility and kindness, generosity and help those in need, just because of these feelings they can bring to the life of peace and happiness.

The mystery of the birth: Couple convincing enough words born on December 30 in order to win over anyone. Being conservative in the way they invest only in reliability, experience and stability. Born December 30 sickened by the irrationality and work in a slipshod manner, so of them go first-class management skills. They instantly detect errors and omissions in the methods of work or systems, and stand up for their immediate eliminate or minimize the damage caused by them. However, these features do not characterize born December 30 natures as pedantic and do not know how to relax.

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They are like few others find the maximum satisfaction and enjoy the warm and friendly company and with colleagues. The latter is especially true because the work and the staff make up a large part of their day. Arriving at the walls of his house, they can spill their potential anywhere, self-realization, because they have a lot of opportunities. This is a nice and generous people, but to do them something across, contradict or question their authority and power is not recommended. Have power - their natural state, without which they can not live in harmony, we can say they have no choice in regard to the ownership of power. However, here are hidden pitfalls - elected to high office, they can adhere to the views expressed by the words: "Do without you with his mind." And this is not the right way.

In addition, the senior positions they produce certain principles or rules do not always suit relatives, subordinates, colleagues, friends. And so those born on December 30 in big trouble with the guidance, if any. For the most part this is due to not only the love of freedom born on this day, but their belief in the incompetence of senior officials in their field and their unsuitability for the position. They almost always have a blueprint how to do something much better than others. And this is a big plus in the character born December 30 - constructive thinking, which rejects any mercenary or selfish motives. More important for them an excellent result, excellent results and streamlined workflow than tools to achieve this. And the power and superiority and considered such instruments.

Disorder alien born on December 30. Therefore spartan lifestyle attracts them. If they understand the inability to clean up anywhere, they prefer to leave this place. Hoarding, as such, is not peculiar to these people. They are limited to the minimum necessary in a life that allows you to not create chaos and disorder. From the outside it may look like material prosperity and the inability to acquire solid things in the house, however, is not about the birth on December 30. They're just too rational in their spending, aiming for efficiency in all processes, even in shopping. Therefore, the money is in capable hands.

Born December 30 sensitive to trouble. They can overcome insomnia due to difficulties at work. They tend to pore over alone solution to the problem. And when the person in front of them there is a problem, they tend to blame others and it with caution and confusion begin to consider it. In the light of this quality they must learn not to waste their energy on a situation that is not correct in their competence and confidence. Also, do not be superfluous to develop the discipline to their own thoughts and emotions, so that they do not interfere with make constructive decisions in different life problems.

Health: Enemies born December 30 - self-pity and depression, should not be given into the hands of those dark feelings. Despite the fact that they can be difficult to organize themselves, they should schedule exercise. And also undergo periodic examinations. Twit character going from born December 30, nothing but the disturbance of others does not bring, so it should be cautious. Negative feelings of others can lead to nervous disorders, migraines, insomnia and stress. Better to temper its obstinate character.

Tip: Do not be so stubborn. Express yourself at full capacity. Adherence to principles is not always appropriate, watch it corresponds to the situation, so as not to fall into conflict. Leave alone the past, it does not change, forgiving others. And be tolerant, this quality will save you from a lot of trouble.

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