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Fate of Two qualities combine born on this day - ambition and indecision in the important moments. So they miss an opportunity that could fix everything for the better. In moments of decision, they can retreat, a coward and hesitated. If they can truly take advantage of the talents and successfully applied, then they will be successful in the art of theater or literature. The financial success of their favors. Family ties are strong, and successful marriage if it is enclosed in the realized adulthood.

The mystery of the birth: The role of a leader for those born on December 29, as a rule, imposed on them. They can not think of higher levels of career, but fate itself sends them to posts and positions, coupled with responsibility. Some harmoniously fit into this role and remain at the helm for a long time, benefiting the company and succeeding in business. Others, less fortunate, and may burn, outperformed and left with nothing. Born on December 29 did not seek prodigious career and ambition they tend not to, but they manage to be at the right time in the right place. They are expected to only answer - affirmative or negative on all the offers of fate. And it will be determined by the willingness of birth 29 December to possible obligations, and for that they should in the first place to delve into his soul and take an objective look at their strength

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Some representatives feel comfortable in secondary roles, but one way or another connected with the government. Born December 29 performing public duties "excellent" and politically correct. Tact and diplomacy to them above all else, and often it is not innate traits and developed through arduous efforts. Many of birth 29 December bring on suspicion of his address, rarely confirms the fact because they are not able to commit illegal actions. Often this happens because of their carelessness and sometimes arrogance. To baseless allegations do not become the norm, born December 29, carefully examine the reasons for their actions and avoid gimmicks, specifically designed for folding born on this day off the right road. They have an innate subtle humor, which is taken not given to everyone.

Born December 29 perceived by many people as a serious and thorough, but alone with him for life, they are treated with irony. Many of those born on this day wonderful speakers who in any case suitable to practice ready to show their talent. Indeed, they are able to gather around him and hold the attention of the audience, whether family members, colleagues, or other group of people. Maybe it's in the timbre of their voices or in appearance. Some personalities are very cleverly constrain the inner aggressiveness, and this affects the emotional background of students within which fighting fear and admiration and thanks to experience emotions they can not break away from the magnificent speakers.

We can say that the task born December 29 to life both simple and complex, with the character. They should not break them for a predefined role consisting in the superiority of any social group. However, they should periodically rethink ideas about their behavior as a leader, and not follow the principles of hidebound. However, the chances that they will want to move away from it all, remain large.

Health: The inherent tendency of birth 29 December generalize personal experiences and tear himself fault can win them over to the addiction in the form of alcohol or other distractions funds. They are frequent diseases of internal organs, circulatory system, muscles. The first warning signs - a reason to visit a specialist, including homeopathy, chiropractic or physical therapist. It is advisable to eat food with vibrant flavors that would raise the mood. So do not be superfluous culinary skills. Exercise should be active.

Tip: Take a chance to be a leader, accept their mistakes and give in to find a compromise. If circumstances so require, leave the old and start over. Adequately use their natural potential, opportunities and power bestowed from above.

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