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Fate: Energy splashing over the edge of those born on this day, it is an activity people, bubbling with optimism and cheerfulness. Given the nature of strong character and energy directs them all the time ahead, to the objectives. And they go to them with the tenacity of a moving stream of avalanche, so do not svernesh. They are rarely heard complaints, and all the hardships they encounter with his head, boldly, decisively, bravely. And the main reason for their success - realistic in setting goals, so how to build castles in the air not in their rules. They value honesty and integrity in themselves and others. Material sphere, as a rule, safely, and family life is harmonious and calm.

The mystery of the birth: What are the differences of birth 28 December from others is the ability to invest in any business is fully using all their energy. And it comes at them sometimes beautiful, if not elegant. They may give the impression that their success is due to mature in experience, and such imitation is under the soil in the form of self-reliance. Often they use child experience taking as a basis for the construction of family life and career. It provides a measure of stability, which becomes the foundation of their lives. Born on this day will never forget the roots and do not hide them. Earthly interests captivate them, interspersed in life seeds of doubt in their abilities and at the same time give them these powers. It is not surprising that the work takes a lot of time in those born on 28 December.

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Serious in everything they painstakingly and carefully perform scheduled tasks, goof off at work - not for them. Although they do not mind to have fun, but always know the measure and the boundary between leisure and work processes. And, as a rule, this distinction starts at the place where the work is already beginning infringed. In order to correctly and efficiently use its enormous energy, born December 28 should be to focus on one thing. If they are spraying, no entries will come of it. And their most dangerous feature - overconfidence - can turn considerable trouble.

Weak spot born on this day is considered to be a denial of their difficult situations before, it is easier to withdraw than to face the emerging challenges. Typically, planning takes a special article of their lives, the distribution of time and effort allows to be prepared for a variety of situations, when they already have the necessary knowledge and prepare a speech. So they try to prepare for the unexpected and we are sure that this is the surest way. However, this is not the case, any slight deviation from the plan is able to drive them into a stupor and greatly puzzled. If the source of trouble are competitors born on December 28, it is not taken into account neither they nor their motives, but instead begins resistant analysis of their actions, that overshadows everything else. Born on this day can easily fit in the "equation" the success of their households, colleagues and friends, regardless of their desire to have a life of its own, does not intersect with the terms of the "equation".

Born December 28 dream to have the authority of an omniscient person who has in his bosom turnkey solutions for all occasions. However, if they want to win the trust, respect and love, do not push yourself, but better to devote time to the study of opposite opinions and attitudes. It is not necessary always to refuse assistance, guided by false pride. Mutual relations, on the contrary, splochayut people, make them closer and help establish normal relations. There are some unpleasant moments in life born on December 28, and creates them in his personal life that brings success in his career. Professionalism and stability is undoubtedly excellent qualities of the person. And this can be a problem. Born on this day can connect a life partner, and admire them so helpful and pliable, or with one that sucks their energy and fiercely hates them. Would be lucky for those born on December 28 to meet a sincere and reliable partner who is on the same wavelength with them. And a great pleasure for those born on this day worthy of evaluation and recognition of their services. In the case when their work goes unnoticed, they have incredible suffering. Therefore, they should calmly treat the merits of others and avoid the thought that someone's ideas can be interesting and useful. This will allow them to favor not to focus on yourself, find respect and be happy.

Health: Allergies can pursue born on December 28, and this is often the case with those who are looking warily at the surrounding world. And frequent bowel problems and venous circulation. A self can bring serious problems. Therefore, born on December 28 shows impulsiveness, spontaneity and sincerity. The beneficial impact of the action games in the team, competitive sports, opening them to communicate with others and producing healthy aggression. In nutrition should include exotic dishes. And be sure to inclusion in the diet of fibrous foods, particularly vegetables.

Tip: Do not go to extremes, choosing reverence or superiority. Stay midway therebetween. Stay time to listen to themselves. Listen to the views and objections of others, they may be separately. Extract useful knowledge.

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