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Fate: From these people blowing reliability, these are people who have inner strength, so you can blindly follow them, they will not let you down. Their courage is surprising, moreover, they are resourceful and boldly go to the execution of the plan. For their reliability, openness and wisdom of friends love them, why are so many of those born on this day. Treatment of acute angles in family life allows them to be happy in marriage. And their financial fortune smiles.

The mystery of the birth: Serving - this is the main landmark born on December 27, and in the highest sense of the word. They are concerned about the needs of others - family, friends and society. Often in their arsenal of skills have the technical ability, finding practical application. With an idealistic mindset, they are nevertheless able to bring practical benefits to the surrounding reality. Born on December 27 have a good-natured character and love witty jokes. But its dark side, they prefer to hide from others, even loved ones. Their deep emotion leads to great experiences in, at the very bottom of the soul hiding their grief, anxiety, and resentment, no spills out.

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Such suffering in silence may last a long time. And once the avalanche of resentment and repressed emotions break out into the light and doused cold water and aggressive outbursts others. To avoid this situation, born on this day should be opened to pour the accumulated emotions, express yourself, do not keep it all inside, act impulsively, as appropriate. Born December 27 tend to distinguish between public and private life, and it is important for them. Surprisingly, however, beyond the threshold of work they can completely withdraw from workers' problems and become unrecognizable other people with a different way of thinking than in the walls work. The same can be said about the owners of the business, and working at home because personal life for those born on December 27 is very important.

They more than anyone appreciate their loved ones. And the main problem born December 27 - the tendency to sacrifice themselves. They can only make sacrifices because of the inability to refuse, they do not have the aggression that is necessary for the hard resistance, restore justice and opportunities to fend for themselves. Only the development of the individual set certain limits to be protected, but over the years they understand the importance of open expression of emotions and no longer keep them in yourself. Those who have not been reached, less resilient, they toil depression, blame themselves, suffer, they understated self-esteem.

Since those born on December 27 has an inner nobility, as well as developed a tendency to live in accordance with certain ethical standards, destructive feelings of guilt or doubt can greatly harm based on their personality. Therefore, they should learn to manage any negative energies - internal, external, that they have not submitted their spiritual and personal development in the wrong direction. People may perceive born December 27 as individuals without selfish traits and makes a generous gesture, so their behavior will otherwise be regarded as uncharacteristic of their nature.

If they do decide to this, immediately change should not be scheduled. They need to defend their right to independence, freedom of expression and the right to be heard, thereby establish themselves in their otherness. Belief in life born December 27 means a lot. Often it is the most important part of their existence in the form of participation in religious or spiritual activities. So they fill meaning of life and find support for yourself. The belief that there is a higher power, as well as faith in man can help change the attitude towards others, become more tolerant towards them. However, the fundamental principle of such a mission should be voluntary and not instilled by or under the direction of someone else. Should be a voluntary decision to embark on the journey of faith - the only way it will bring them good.

Health: Emotional problems - frequent visitors in the life born December 27, entailing irritability, dissatisfaction with life, depression. The main reason of such nervous disorders - to the extreme sacrifice and oppression of their own emotions, especially anger. This can even lead to paralysis of the will. So they fit any activity - exercise, varied food, sexual pleasures with a loving partner - it will be to maintain composure. The diet should choose a diet with the exception of fatty foods containing cholesterol and sugar, with emphasis on fresh fruits and vegetables. If engage in physical activity born December 27 do not want to, but at least is to abandon sedentary work.

Tip: Keep a relentless struggle with depressed mood. Be open, it will be easier to perceive beauty. Pulls away from people oppressing your optimism, always be on the positive wave. Give something - fine, but take pleasure in getting something in return. You should recognize its importance.

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