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Fate: insistent have born on this day. They are purposeful and cautious. Their lives will be all imbued with the redemption of karmic debts. Therefore, they are being completely in their hands, in what direction they are going, and to come. If you choose the path of good, and be able to withstand and overcome adversity, difficulty, trouble luring destiny on their side, then they will come to happiness and comfortable living conditions. If they choose the path of hatred, resentment, envy and intrigue, they are condemned to a bleak and miserable life.

The mystery of the birth: The most pronounced feature born December 26 - exceptional perseverance displayed by them in any situation. To move them from the intended path impossible. This feature explains their revolutionary views and positions in his youth. Live "on the edge" to them of course, but it happens that social stereotypes and norms in their life just is not the place. Therefore there is a popular belief that they themselves magnets attract negative energy and is the source of their troubles.

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Age usually calms them the riot, life comes to an ordered bed, views acquire raid conservatism. However, this may not happen if their living conditions are such that do not allow them to find ways to express themselves, to gain recognition and to proclaim their principles. Developed by representatives of the sign are ready to make concessions nonsense youthful enthusiasm and recover power politics, to open themselves to the world and to be tolerant towards people. Fill your hearts with courage born on December 26, so they are safe to take challenges fate. They have the ability to objectively perceive the events, separating the wheat from the chaff. They will not flip their problems and deciding on other, much less will escape from the difficulties for the sake of comfort and convenience. They are given sufficient courage to cope with adversity and even invade those areas of society that surrounds sidestep. In all conditions, whether the family circle, working team or social group, all the evils of society in the form of flattery, indifference and lies, they do not accept.

Most often they are in a hurry to solve the problems of today, and everyday routine. By metaphysical subjects or areas of the supernatural, they are reluctant to seek. This all their realism, allowing feet on the ground. The main danger for those born on this day is that they are unapproachable character, which over the years only tempered, they can become dry and hard idols in relationships with people who take their foot down and not destroyed only because of its inflexibility and strength. Therefore, born December 26 should cultivate his character only good traits. Also born on December 26 must learn to admit mistakes, do not be so categorical in relation to the opinions of others and to recognize their guilt in moments of defeat. An important aspect will be for them appeal to the spiritual impulse in addition to the fact that they need to be guided by the material experience. Any rush for them unacceptable.

Born December 26 implement their ideas methodically, carefully, using common sense and not very straining. They are able to direct all my energy on one thing, concentrate on it all the energy and attention, and this causes discontent among the detractors and opponents, immediately preparing a counterattack. Love life born December 26 is complicated, and this is due to their desire to be a leader and always around. If they meet with their attempt to overthrow the dominant position, they categorically suppress these efforts, and are ready to immediately break the love connection. So often the fate defies born on December 26 in the form of the need to change - be gentle, caring, kind, with relatives and not to seek leadership, to love with all my heart and not wait for the promotion of their feelings.

Health: The digestive tract is often a sore spot in those born on December 26. Slowing down the process of digestion is an indication to appeal to a homeopath or dietitian. They will be useful for fiber and herbal food, with the exception of sugar and flour. Inspections dentist will come in handy. Born on this day is a vitamin therapy, which will make up for the lack of calcium. Menopause for women can be a painful phenomenon, so it is timely to see a specialist. In men, genital area can also be a serious problem, particularly prostatitis may occur, consult a urologist needed. Skeletal system year after year, becoming weaker and sensitive, so exercise should be moderate, they will increase the flexibility of the body and have a positive effect on the whole body.

Tip: Be flexible and be open. Recognize their mistake - no big deal. It is not necessary to demand unconditional submission, it will lead to confrontation and turmoil in the relationship. Always remember loved ones. Bitterness will lead to a dead end, be gentle.

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