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Fate: Some contradictions in nature born on this day. They are energetic and ambitious, like work, seek the heights and naturally can reach them if will not spill the strength and energy to empty classes and deviate from the course taken. Close to it can help someone else's influence, under which they can also easily get, and then fell into the hands of malefactors, they become instruments of the will of others. With reserves of energy inside, and they may still be hesitant, because of what left out of luck. So they pass by the important points that could be a turning and happy. The financial sector will be full of big wins and losses as large.

The mystery of the birth: Unusual a magnet born December 25th. They are interested in what facilitates human life and takes away from the madding crowd. So it is quite natural for them unusual states of consciousness, sublime and exalted, which can come in different ways: through art, music or dance, through religious beliefs or just using imagination. And this self-forgetfulness sometimes fraught attempts to escape from their problems and difficulties in life.

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And for this resort to primitive "medicine" - a stimulant, narcotic substances and sensual pleasures. Many born December 25 recorded in their achievements surreal state in which they can stay out. And return them out of it and convince them of unreality fantasies can be difficult. Despite the danger of such phenomena, their daydreams can detect previously unknown depths of their souls, open talent, artistry. What pleases born December 25, as they tend to flaunt ability bestowed from above.

Interestingly, however, many members of the born December 25, typical or atypical, inspire career, certain hobbies or habits is simply impossible, these aspects of their absolutely do not care. Generally speaking, the born December 25 concerned with dissolution, going beyond the usual boundaries of identity, problems of social constraints, and in no way associated with wealth, accumulation of wealth and power. Regardless of the position in life, purpose and place of birth on December 25 in any situations they are willing to risk. If in their hands will be business, they will constantly scroll your capital, because idly sit they do not like. If they choose the sphere of art and craftsmanship, the limit of perfection results of their work will not, they will work hard and improve their craft.

Family life will focus on a certain ideal of marriage, by the way, far from the philistine life and the comforts of life. Strong desire for self-determination can lead them to reckless actions that endanger not only themselves, but also the family and the people who depend on them. It is possible that they will be guided by internal self-destructive tendencies, in every way their nurturing and protecting. Enthusiasm born December 25 transcendental may even break off all communication with the outside world. So you should learn to cherish their time, cherish the present, to be able to relax and sometimes drop all your thoughts to see firsthand their achievements.

It would be nice to have a good friend who could become a supportive factor in life and learn to treat it less seriously. Born December 25 should understand that any reflections on life are keeping pace with the fact of the imperfection - personalities, nature, life, and so you need to take anything for granted again. If born on this day will reject unnecessary problems, then may be able to find a compromise with reality. And in the light of the compromise reached all their earlier during peak states of consciousness finds deep meaning. A spiritual development continues to occur and becomes sustainable.

Health: Coffee, alcohol, hallucinogenic drugs for those born on December 25 absolutely contraindicated. Born on this day, as a rule, prefer stimulating food in the form of sweet, spicy, savory dishes. Arousing appetite and giving them saturation such food calms them and bestows a sense of well-being and comfort, even the mood is improving after a good dinner. But do not get involved in this is not very useful food, better to turn to fresh vegetables, fruits, grains, eat low-calorie foods, consume moderate amounts of meat and fish. Excellent physical exertion will be active sports, competitive and in teams, but they will benefit only if the regularity of their performance.

Tip: realistic look at things, but the ability to be surprised and do not neglect. Entered into an agreement with the world and open to any possibilities, not shy away from compromise, it will make life easier. Stay up to date.

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