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Fate: ambition and independence of live born on this day. Their determination has no limits, they are excellent organizers, purposeful and resolute. They are very active and are characterized by agility. Always up to date necessary for themselves. Innate caution and the ability to predict possible not to make fatal mistakes. Their marriage is usually a happy, just as lucky the financial sector. Their abilities can be implemented in a medical science and on the stage.

The mystery of the birth: Discoverers of new land - that's who are born on December 23 to explore and learn new things for them is the happiness of being. Moving forward to them a precondition of life, they are easy to engage in active and boldly go to the embodiment of the most ambitious ideas. It is not necessary, however, to speak of those born on this day as a revolutionary or radical people, on the contrary, they often have a discreet and cautious.

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Born on December 23 hardly willing to oppose the established values. Usually, they scrutinize the next steps, about the outlook. And in any situation attachment to family or social group, they strongly expressed. They make an effort to improve the lot of their group, and through the activity of living and intelligence they have this great way. In this perspective, they can be attributed to people with prophetic abilities: they foresee events and make every effort to ensure that prepare for their consequences.

Born December 23 horrifies indifference to their person. Insufficient attention to itself or the resulting failure evaluated born December 23 as the challenge of destiny. And on it they can adequately respond. Therefore, the struggle fits into their daily life. And that's why influence or put pressure on them by the almost impossible. We can not say that they are very insensitive and invulnerable, and suspiciousness they sometimes suffer. Born on this day are often not satisfied with themselves and take up space. Such dissatisfaction and spurs them to be active in life, to the aggressive advance and illusory dreams are not for them. Practicality and realism characteristic of those born on December 23 combines with stunning obstinacy, and such features make it difficult to communicate with others. They can not stand when someone raises doubts about their ideas and opinions, and all the radical ideas (besides its own, of course) they perceive skeptical.

Nevertheless, born in December 23 there is a very valuable asset. No matter what they may have reached heights in your career, whatever power they may have acquired, including the impact on the other, they are still willing to perceive criticism, to be open to positive suggestions and get the maximum benefit from those obtained reviews, critics, information, whether it is negative or positive. Not really appreciate it penchant for understanding.

Born on December 23 with the same force can be attentive and responsive, as well as excluded and cold in communication. Born December 23, men can develop a way of thinking "tough guy", and this is to be feared. Women also need to deter aggression and despotic tendencies in open their manifestation. Both sexes should learn to control their activities, because the time will come and will have to give the younger generation. However, a departure from the cases in those born on December 23 does not occur the first time, they begin to engage in the same or new businesses and continue to be active.

Health: In adulthood, born December 23 should be attentive to their health. The probability of injury was great, they are particularly sensitive back muscles. In his youth, care should be taken to avoid dental problems in mature years. By the middle of life, as a rule, they come to observe the diet with reduced fat consumed and focus on fresh produce. Physical activity should be moderate in the form of a non-adversarial sports. Although the competition will affect the development of the social aspects of the individual beneficial.

Tip: You do not need to plan every minute of your life. You run the risk of drowning in his own meticulous. Your plan can not very well affect the present. Be tolerant to others' views and opinions.

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