Birthday   December  22   horoscope



Fate: A complex way of life prepared for those born on this day because karmic debts will be obsessively follow them. In this connection, the main goal came on this earth - to atone for sins, cleanse karma from them to procreate a bright future. Difficulties intertwined with victories, will be replaced by a series of ups dips through the thorns lead them the hard way. However, if you continue bright start in their souls, they will remain good, compassionate and wise, then they can expect success and prosperity, the foundation of which can become God-given abilities and talents.

The mystery of the birth: Strategy - can be called born December 22, they masterfully planned long-term prospects and clearly plan should be developed. Regularity in the blood born on this day, and they use this line and in the office, and in the walls of the house. As a rule, they contain the tendency to accurately predict the possible outcome, and it comes in handy is very in calculations relating to the career of their own destiny and taking into account the existing merit. However, it does not mean inability born on this day to change something in their lives. On the contrary, it speaks volumes about their awareness of their capabilities and needs in a specific period of time, which makes them the planning of their time and effort.

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Reliable in fact, they are in people appreciate this quality. Born December 22 develop slowly but surely improving the period for the period of his life. Being careful people, they usually suffer defeat and make mistakes less than the others. However, if there is something catastrophic (and it happens only once or twice per life), it is permanently deprive the peace and balance born on December 22. Time heals their wounds, and they go out again reinforced the intransigence on the path of struggle.

There are, though rarely, among them the individual, overwhelmed with ambition and career develops in such excruciating. This is due to the fact that they are not accustomed to risk, namely the risk and can become the impetus of his career, and they miss it, as well as the fact that they are not willing to compromise sometimes. Their attitude toward life can be compared with the position of the artisan who finds satisfaction in the labor process and the joy of its results. Born on December 22 as the patient calm elephant on the planet. However, they can be irritable, often for nothing in domestic issues, and then make them hard. They become angry and enraged the thunder, pouring his emotions on others. After such outbursts of anger, they calm down, and even the shadow of last thunderstorm, do not remain in their hearts, they othodchivy. However, after that, they will be hoping that others have learned the lesson and do not break the rules, especially such obedience they expect from children.

They should be afraid of authoritarian methods of governance, particularly in the family, it can destroy any family relationship and nothing but discord and discontent will not cause close. Most born December 22 different serious and secretive. If the case seems to throw off your sense of humor, so that they do not miss the opportunity. In this case, they should strictly control their impulses humorous with the reverse side of irony and satire, sometimes escalate into vicious ridicule.

The most suitable company for those born on this day - a circle of close friends and family members. In the soul of these people alone, so need a period of seclusion, the mass of the company is not for them. They choose the loneliness that they are not bothered by strangers. They need to balance fun and seriousness, detachment from society and social activity. They need to find the exit point to the external environment accumulated thoughts and feelings that were suppressed in and isolated, so that they are not lying dead weight in their souls, and found expression in the world.

Health: Many health problems born December 22 related to their complex attitude. Psychological discomfort necessarily result in physical problems, for example, can worsen with age, disease and bone age. Therefore, to exercise flexibility should resemble more seriously, yoga, tai chi, kalistenikoy. Strict diet will only be for the good, because it does not exclude the development of culinary skills cooking wholesome food. Emotional control can be implemented well in the sexual pleasures.

Tip: Moderate your demands and reduce the self-control. You should open up to people to be more tolerant of others. You should not blame anyone and condemn. Sometimes the best thing you can do - is to make a nonsense that will benefit, in addition, it will be fun. You chat show, which does not happen much.

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