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Fate: Born December 21 - it is quite expansive, romantic, but unsure of their abilities and personality itself. Excessive suspiciousness and cycling on their shortcomings, sometimes they provoke depression and self-pity. Understatement of their self-esteem, as a rule, creates fear in my heart to make a mistake, indecision and inability to respond quickly to the situation. They need to be able to determine for yourself realistic goals and strive to achieve them, in spite of everything. Only the confidence and determination to help overcome difficulties. To become persistent and prosperous, they should look at the difficulties, both on small exercises and tests to train their forces.

The mystery of the birth: Born Dec. 21 people, endowed with a unique ability and the ability to use its power of silence in the right order. Silence, which they exhibit in some situations, is to others a powerful communicative tool. Ability to remain silent when required - is an art and a rare trait. With the help of his self-control people born on December 21 can be achieved in the negotiations and dialogue, greater results than emotional speakers. Since these individuals are useless disputes and altercations. Often around it seems that for the reticence born on this day people hiding invisible and unpredictable force that can break out at any moment and crush everything in its path. Therefore, to communicate with them with great delicacy, for fear of provoking these individuals sudden aggression.

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"Taciturn", born on December 21, so often achieve goals and safely control the process of translating them into reality. Unfortunately, uncommunicativeness, uncertainty personalities that appeared on this day, can cause problems when dealing not only with colleagues, friends, but also with people close to them. "Closed" the soul of these individuals often leads to the appearance of innuendo, which in turn causes a feeling of distrust, suspicion and hostility towards them. That is why, people born on December 21, often left alone. These nature do not like to devote one in his personal life. As a rule, the inner world, their innermost thoughts and imagination - not available, but the outer side of his life, they form an active, making the selection of friends based on their personal likes and criteria.

They are eager to manage people. However, the person born on December 21 - is extremely romantic nature, they are capable of a very strong and deep feeling, touching and loving relationship with your loved ones. These are usually on the nature of nature have good physical strength, have a strong energy. They love to tinker with young children, like animals. Individuals born December 21, capable through non-verbal communication with people, and thanks to its developed intuition, create the impression of himself as a strong and confident personality. They are often guided by the principle of life: "Whoever is not with me is against me." Born on this date people need to learn to forgive their abusers, try to be tolerant of others. In order to achieve spiritual growth, they should exercise their ability to love selflessly, without fear of being rejected; become confident and determined, clearer and "transparency". Born on this date people need to remember that their excessive desire to be the best, can lead to feelings of envy, aggression and hostility, which are able to destroy and destroy them.

Health: Born Dec. 21 people, often struggle with the stresses that are directly related to their activities and frequent sharp statements about them. Sometimes, when unfulfilled desires may visit their depression or melancholy. Often due to accumulated resentment and anger they experience outbreaks of aggression and anger. This category of people in need of sexual self-expression, delight them. They should choose a partner who could give them not only their care and love, but also a complete physiological satisfaction. Diet for people born on December 21 must wear a gentle character, to be perfectly balanced. Lack of vitamins and trace elements gives rise to problems with skin, hair and teeth. To avoid excess weight, they should reduce the consumption of all sweet, especially baking, as well as limit the nutritional fat and high-calorie meals. It is also necessary to strictly control the use of alcohol and psychotropic drugs. Physical education or sports will help to strengthen the entire body, to help cope with any emotional or stressful situations. They are particularly useful lessons: running, swimming, aerobics, yoga, or horseback riding.

Tip: You should learn to be more diplomatic relations. Learn to be more confident in their actions. Do not hesitate and often trust people. Not locked in their world, communicate more and enjoy your life. Do not try to be the best in everything: it can only hurt you and revive envy. Do not ask too much of people.

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