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Fate: nature, born on this day, the fate provides the opportunity to create their own life. Endowed with strong, brave and sincere character, they are extremely fond of freedom, hate lies, look at all optimistic. They form their views, used to trust people, but intuitively feel the slightest pitfalls. The nature of the smart, but sometimes very impatient and restless, these people may lose control of himself, if the result of their work is not up to expectations. Often inconsistency character separates them from success than are less talented partners. People born on December 19 should cultivate patience and willpower, because without these qualities, they will not be able to achieve success in life. Applying their talents and mental faculties, they always know how to make money.

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The mystery of the birth: People born on December 19, differ from other individuals of their active lifestyle, which is expressed in the ideological principle and defending their views, continuity word and deed. Often engaging in discussion, they argue passionately and can not find a common language with their opponents. Born on this day people do not know how to put on a mask of pretense and hypocrisy, they are crucial in all situations. They masterfully overcome any difficulties than cause genuine admiration of others. These individuals in all situations radiate optimism in their soul always lives in hope. Ability to remain "yourself", have their own criteria and value system makes people born December 19 extraordinary personalities in the society. Their generosity shown to others in everything: in thoughts, in actions in time.

These adventurous nature, and failing, get down to business with renewed vigor and enthusiasm. In any case they show the maximum energy and never waste time. They do not tolerate over a compulsion, and power. Defeat can bring them suffering, but never break their morale. Positive thinking these people to help them not only to win, but the move to the success that it seems everyone around these individuals is predetermined by fate. However, in the life of a person born on December 16 greatest battle going on in their mind with his inner voice. Some people are born on this day may be subject to bouts of depression, apathy due to emotional or physical stress. This depletes their body and energy, suppresses the spiritual forces. Other individuals, on the contrary, exhibit excessive emotionality and aggression, impulsivity, and deprived of adequate actions. Such negative manifestations in behavior - a sign saying about buried deep in their subconscious complexes.

Slosh their negative emotions to friends and associates, is a protest, resentment and resistance of the people. Often relatives and friends natures who were born on this date, irritated and angry about their nesobrannosti and distraction. However, the originality of these individuals, their strong natural tendency to involve them different categories of people, including young people, which considers the relationship with such personages very interesting, romantic or prestige for themselves. Born on December 19 love nature society of people with whom you can communicate with ease. High communication quality of these individuals allow them to carry on a conversation on any topic. In conversation, they usually occupy a dominant position. In the case of a quarrel, these people never keep long evil. Sometimes in relationships with them slip irony and ridicule. A distinctive feature of these people is an expression of complete seriousness on his face, even in moments of jokes. They love to please others and making a lot of effort for this.

Health: People who were born on December 19, often accompanied by periodic nervous breakdowns caused by psychological problems associated with restlessness and impatience of character and behavior. Lack of energy and depression often persecuted weaker natures. Resolute and strong people with a proactive stance - it usually is not threatened. Born Dec. 19 person should avoid the practice of self as an approach to health can only increase depression. Only competent help and support physicians deliver these individuals from illness and disease state. These people are very important for life abstain from alcohol and drugs, as they have a great opportunity to become dependent on these addictions. To maintain their nervous system in a healthy tone, born on this date in kind should be more and fully relax, walk and breathe fresh air, physical activity, sports, yoga and monitor their diet. For them, a very important factor of well-being will be a harmonious relationship with their marriage partner, friendship with true friends.

Tip: Be patient and do not get lost on failure. Cultivate willpower. More communicate with nice people and do not lock yourself in. Be sociable and collected. Look for compromises. Smile more and laugh!

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