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Fate: If the birthday falls on that date, people are not waiting for an ordinary fate. Born on this day the person endowed with great strength and determination. It is most often imperious, vain, bold, energetic nature. However, they are characterized by excessive caution, indecision and doubt in the performance of certain tasks. Yet, thanks to the unusual persistence, patience, perseverance and versatile talent, these people always win back his place in life. This often contributes to the development of their arrogant, disdainful and contemptuous behavior and attitude towards others. People who choose the path of evil, hatred and lies, lose everything and have dropped to the lowest standard of living.

The mystery of the birth: For those born on this day people, the main themes of life on earth will open and landscaping. Endowed with pragmatism and responsibility, they are building their lives, taking into account only obtain useful results. They are attracted by a concrete action and the material side. To dream and fantasize - it's not about them. Born December 17 nature keen to explore and discover all that surrounds them. About people are judged not by words but by their actions and deeds. They formed their philosophical outlook on life and destiny of man. Born December 16 individual channel their energy only to achieve realistic goals.

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Meticulous pedants, they are able to anticipate troubles still in their infancy. These individuals, focusing on the achievement of these plans are often not able to feel the emotional state of loved ones. They do not like when they perechat and no evidence can not force them to change their point of view. Rebellious character often leads to a violation of the principles of hierarchy and harms career. Born December 17 is very sensitive to criticism, and various restrictions. They show perseverance and courage, fighting for justice, and this often leads to the appearance of their detractors. Most people born on this date, reaching a certain position in society, is content with that status and does not attempt to go up at least one more step.

Often their huge dependence on material goods prevents respectable relationship with society, lays a negative impact on the character, and sometimes even leads to illegal actions. They should develop a greater sense of beauty and sense of style, to bring aesthetic taste, is committed to excellence and to take up the art. People born on December 17, picked up their future marriage partner like them: age, race, religion, status, education, social background. However, they need to beware of over-reliance on his life partner. In addition, monogamous relationships sometimes lead to inhibition of spiritual growth.

Health: Born Dec. 17 people like anyone else, are subject to emotional stress. They face stress and surge associated with mental and physical strength. These individuals should avoid transfer of disease in the chronic stage. Weaknesses people born on this day: the nervous system, blood vessels, bone and muscle. They should abandon harmful and too high-calorie foods, limit the intake of dairy products and fatty meats. Welcome exercise, yoga, exercise. To avoid failures in health, they should not abuse chaotic sexual relations, to establish a healthy lifestyle.

Tip: you sometimes dream is not harmful. Listen to the opinion of experts. Communicate with people, respect the interests of others. Develop the aesthetic taste, visit exhibitions, museums. More faithful to trust people.

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