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Fate: born on this day - is an independent, persistent, enthusiastic, diplomatic and strong personality. They are able to elicit sympathy from any of the interlocutor. They are easy to talk to friends and at ease. Born December 16 - is the extreme and creative individuals inspired visionary. The influence of the planets on the people of this day is displayed on the character, and it strengthens his best side. Those who fall into the intellectual and spiritual sphere, will be a success and good luck. Many of those born on this date figures become famous musicians, writers and community leaders. They seek glory in the practical and alternative medicine. The financial situation is often difficult, but overall stable and successful.

The mystery of the birth: Born December 16 people are not averse to dream, but persistent and strong character with its inherent traits of charm and diplomacy, helping them to realize almost all their fantasies. They dignity can overcome any physical and spiritual obstacles, turning weaknesses into perfection. Sometimes their strong character interferes with personal life. Often spiritual delicacy of nature alternates with dictatorial tendencies. Relatives and friends should understand the emotional state of the people of this day and show respect for their needs in a temporary solitude.

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Own world created born on this date are special, is extremely useful for them. Stay in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere, gives them the opportunity to gather his thoughts and fully relax, and get a surge of creative inspiration. But sometimes, born December 16 special, entirely subject to the influence of various forces of the environment, which impose their own values, is sent on a journey that is often false. They can easily take away from the truth, instill doubt, knock off track. But many of those born on December 16 personalities, capable of great things on his heart. Making his mission to fulfill their goals, they are resistant to hinder them in this force.

It is also important to individuals born on December 16 did not feel emotional "emptiness." Their lives should be an incentive to work, create and enjoy life. Interest in everything going on around them, the occupation you love and creativity will born on this day people discover their life potential and settle in the soul in perfect harmony. Decisive role in this play relatives, their love and trust to help find a way out of any situation. Born December 16 nature are very contradictory character traits. They are characterized by impulsiveness or indifference, followed by depression; manic state with a sense of boundless joy and happiness or sadness and absolute silence. In order to be able to manage their feelings and emotional state, they should tactfully overcome obstacles to mutual understanding with the people, to be able to focus on a favorite hobby or take an active part in public life.

Health: Born Dec. 16 people rarely feel comfortable and often are suffering from latent forms of various diseases. Irregular meals, constant tension and neglect attitude to domestic side of life lead to a malfunction of the gastrointestinal system. Individuals born on this date, you should be concerned about preventing such problems. To do this, they need to take a balanced healthy diet, which includes plenty of vegetables, fresh fruit and whole grain foods. Will be particularly useful for those born on December 16 individuals: fresh air, light sports and deep sleep.

Tip: Learn sensitivity and diplomacy. Avoid foreign influence, have a look at your lives. Do not fall into prostration. Learn to build relationships with the right people.

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