Horoscope for 29 November 2017



Horoscope for 29 Nov 2017 Aries. In the field of romantic relationships comes the most interesting period. However, a bright, unforgettable novel in the best case it may be transient or funny, and at worst - to bring trouble and grief. Loving adventure and an unusual romantic story the astrologer advises to be careful.

Horoscope for 29 Nov 2017 Taurus. The events of that day can show the moral character of the Taurus. Possible situation in which you will have to make a choice between their own well-being and civic duty. You will have to hold back their ambitions, learn to protect the weak.

Horoscope for 29 Nov 2017 Gemini. Today you can be active, share the views of loved ones and think about how best to educate children. You need to teach their children to independence and self-reliance, knowing that the time will come when they will have to leave his father's house and go in search of their destiny.

Horoscope for 29 Nov 2017 Cancer. On the background of General fatigue that may decrease the body's resistance to all sorts of ailments. If you suffer from chronic disease, remember prevention is now possible aggravation. Avoid fatigue, do not forget about the rest

Horoscope for 29 Nov 2017 Leo. Appears opportunities to establish relationships with members of the opposite sex. In addition, you have strong feelings and able to Express them properly, making you extremely attractive. If you are sure they are right, you should be able to get out of the problem of a love triangle.

Horoscope for 29 Nov 2017 Virgo. Today, many Virgo will be difficult to determine. In one situation they can become understanding, unobtrusive but ready to help a friend to anyone who wants to be closer to them, another will irritate people with his conservatism, the inability to compromise. Still, you have to make a choice, otherwise the end of the year could be marred by trouble in his personal life.

Horoscope for 29 Nov 2017 Libra. Probable heightened emotionality in the family. Possible renegotiation of some long-standing issues. An important place will be the problems of their parents and other older relatives. Avoid pressure on myself to the will of others.

Horoscope for 29 Nov 2017 Scorpio. Probably the reduction of the energy potential, the weakening of the immune system, the emergence of infectious diseases. Don't neglect a healthy lifestyle, and your health will be excellent. Follow the regime of sleep and wakefulness, as deep and restful sleep is one of the best medicines.

Horoscope for 29 Nov 2017 Sagittarius. Increase emotionality and sensuality, but sex and love relationships can end in quarrels. To achieve good results and realize your potential, you need to be more assertive. Your life should become more interesting, richer and more successful.

Horoscope for 29 Nov 2017 Capricom. Excess salt in foods contribute to the exacerbation of diseases of the joints, deposition of salts, occurrence of gallstones and pressure rise. It is especially important to observe proper diet. Capricom absolutely contraindicated regular consumption of canned food, pickles and other domestic preparations containing large amounts of salt.

Horoscope for 29 Nov 2017 Aquarius. Under the influence of the stars, the Aquarius will be highlighted impregnable. However, they will be like with elegance, taste and refinement of manners. In love be careful, serious, tune in for a deep, lasting relationship. Remain faithful to the chosen one.

Horoscope for 29 Nov 2017 Pisces. The position of the planets can increase in Pisces, the negligence, inattention. Many will jeopardize their health. Now is not the time to practice extreme sports. No need to travel to near and distant trips, even if they promise good prospects and higher social status. Try to spend a weekend, doing a hobby or talking with a loved one and children.

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